In traditional settings, the celebration of a baby’s first month of existence is passed down from generation to generation. This could be known as a baby shower or just a regular gathering at one’s home to celebrate and show loved ones the baby. However, many Asian countries have started to opt-in celebrating a baby’s 100th days of birth or “Baek-il” in Korean and “Okuizome” in Japanese. 

Why the 100th days of birth are still celebrated as a big day for babies comes down to old tradition as 100 is still a very important number used all over the world. In Korea being able to survive 100 days after birth was a sign the baby would live to have their first birthday. It has also held a deeper meaning for maturity. As on this day if the baby is in good health the family will offer the spirit of childbirth with rice cakes and sea mustard soup and if the baby is in bad health, then the family will not celebrate since this could be a sign of bad luck. 

100-day old photography is kept along with the tradition. It is a must to collect images of the baby when they are 100 days old. They are to witness the celebration of life and abundance. Thousands of Asians settled in foreign countries are still celebrating this folklore, even outside their native land, they want to celebrate their child’s 100 days old. Often newborn photographers in California offer 100-day old photography. 

Nowadays, 100-day old photography is becoming a trend that has become popular and a lot of us are not aware of what this baby photography can do. There are many benefits and one of them is to witness the new life by capturing every single moment that will create golden memories as we know in the fact that we don’t tend to remember things for a very long time but with the help of a baby photographer, it will be cherished forever. 

There are many other reasons why you should try to opt-in having a 100th-day celebration for your baby, it is a milestone and a tradition, even Beverly Hills baby photographers witness several of this occasion. Even outside their homegrown country, it is still celebrated. This is the baby’s day and for you to celebrate a breakthrough with your family, so do not forget to enjoy it and celebrating it without the help of photography is useless. 

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Baby Photography Los Angeles Ramina MagidBaby Photography Los Angeles Ramina MagidBaby Photography Los Angeles Ramina Magid100 days old photograph taken in Los Angeles by Ramina Magid Photography


  1. Thank you very much for this interesting article. Love to learn something new about other cultures and traditions. 100 days is another beautiful milestone that should be captured.

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