5 Occasions Where You Need Photographers

Admit it or not, most are fans of photographs. We always want to cherish each significant event that we have in our lives, for the most part, those that can only happen once. We see life, memories, and people in images that we would never want to forget. As Beverly Hills Baby Photographer, I saw several significant occasions where you need a family photographer to document that moment.

  • Maternity/Pregnancy Period

Mothers love to see their swelling tummies that are signs of love and life. It is the first stage of becoming a mother, surely it is a moment to treasure and needs to be documented. 


  • Giving Birth/Newborn Photography

Baby delivery can be documented and look back from time to time how a woman delivered a baby into this world. If a bit conservative and not comfortable documenting that part of life, you can opt to have a newborn photography session. In most of my Newborn photography stint, we do our infant friendly Newborn Photography Studio in Beverly Hills.


  • Birthday Celebrations

Of course, we will not let this celebration pass by just like that. Often we do pre-birthday shoots such as cake smashing photography or theme party photo shoots for the birthday party. Each time that we age, we always want to see how we grow not only by number but also the way we look. Comparing those images taken each birthday party when still in toddler age and now, there are huge differences. It is always fun to compare and see growth.


  • Academic Commemorations

Achievement gives delight to parents. Parents are very proud of their children’s achievements. That’s why it is a must to have even just a single selfie, we’d surely do it. Parents show the world how proud they are and through photographs, the moment stays.


  • Family Reunions

Seldom does that the family gets to be complete, and the fun and laughter will always be present. It is a moment that you want to last and would always be a part of your memory. The tummy-aching waves of laughter and unlimited chit-chats would always be remembered if we can capture them through cameras.

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