Essential Tips for a Beautiful Baby 100 Days Celebration Photoshoot

By Ramina Magid – Newborn Photography Studio in Los Angeles, CA

baby days celebration photoshoot

Essential Tips for a Beautiful Baby 100 Days Celebration Photoshoot

Welcome to a joyous journey through the tradition of celebrating a baby’s first 100 days—an occasion filled with deep cultural significance and heartwarming festivities. Known across various Asian cultures, the 100th day celebration marks a significant milestone in a baby’s life, symbolizing the end of the delicate newborn stage and heralding the hope of a prosperous life ahead. In places like Korea, this celebration, often referred to as ‘Baek-il’, is a festive time, where families gather to give thanks, share food offerings, and pray for the ongoing health and happiness of their new baby.

The excitement of planning a photoshoot for these happy 100 days is more than just capturing the smile of your little one, it’s about documenting a foundational moment that is rich in tradition. As parents and families come together, gifts for the baby are chosen with care, traditional foods like rice cakes are prepared, and every detail from the baby’s hair to their tiny toes is lovingly noticed. This guide aims to walk you through every step of preparing for your baby 100 days celebration, ensuring it is as magical and meaningful as the tradition itself.

Understanding the 100 Days Celebration

The 100th day after a child’s birth holds profound cultural significance in many Asian countries, particularly in Korea and China. Historically, the fragility of life necessitated celebrations when infants surpassed this vulnerable period, blossoming into a hopeful future.

Traditionally, families would give thanks to the guardian spirits and ancestors who protected their infant through these precarious early months. They held banquets, where food offerings like steamed rice cakes, which are symbolically shaped and colored to represent protection and blessings, were essential. These rice cakes, often shared with 100 people, symbolized spreading the happiness of the baby’s survival and good health far and wide.

Modern Celebrations and Traditions

Today, while the traditional essence remains, the 100 days celebration has evolved to suit more modern sensibilities and circumstances. Families across the globe, regardless of whether they adhere strictly to Asian cultural practices, now mark this day with great joy, often throwing a celebration party that mirrors a Western first birthday bash.

In contemporary settings, the celebration often includes not just a feast but also a photoshoot that captures the essence of this happy day. The modern 100 days photoshoot not only commemorates the milestone but also artistically documents the family’s journey and joy. It’s a beautiful mix of past traditions and present-day creativity, often incorporating elements like longevity locks, traditional garments, and symbolic colors that are significant to each family’s heritage.

Moreover, today’s celebrations can be as diverse as the families themselves, sometimes featuring lighter and more whimsical elements like balloons and modern baby clothes, while still respecting the profound cultural roots. Your baby’s 100-day celebration photoshoot is as much about looking forward as it is about remembering the past, making it a truly special occasion to share with relatives and friends, capturing these moments through the lens of a camera. 

Preparing for Your Baby’s 100 Days Photoshoot

As the big day approaches, the excitement builds! Preparing for your baby’s 100 days photoshoot involves careful planning and timing to ensure everything goes smoothly. This section will help you nail down the details, from timing the shoot perfectly to choosing the right photographer who can capture the beauty and significance of this milestone.

Timing and Scheduling Tips

The timing of the 100 days photoshoot is crucial. Naturally, you’ll want to aim for the actual 100th day after your baby’s birth. This not only honors the tradition but also captures your baby at this very special age. However, flexibility is key—babies have their own schedules! Consider scheduling the photoshoot within a week of the 100th day to accommodate any unforeseen circumstances.

When planning the session, morning times are often best. Babies tend to be happier and more cooperative after a good night’s sleep. Plus, if you’re shooting in a studio or outdoors, the soft morning light can make your photos even more beautiful. Aiming for a start time around 10am or 11am maximizes the likelihood of catching those adorable, sleepy baby smiles that everyone loves.

Choosing the Right Photographer

Selecting the best photographer for your baby’s 100 days photoshoot is about more than just finding someone who takes great pictures. You need a professional who is not only skilled in newborn photography but also understands the depth of this milestone. 

Here’s what to look for:

Expertise in Newborn Safety: The photographer must demonstrate a high level of understanding and respect for newborn safety and comfort. They should be experienced in handling babies gently and safely during the session, ensuring that your little one is never in distress.

Cultural Sensitivity: Since the 100 days celebration is deeply rooted in tradition, your photographer should appreciate its significance. Whether it’s incorporating traditional Chinese rice cakes or Korean longevity locks, or simply acknowledging the important symbolism of the number 100, they should be able to capture these elements with artistry.

Portfolio and Style: Review their portfolio to ensure their style aligns with your vision. Look for images that convey emotion and joy. 

Recommendations and Reviews: Check reviews from other families who have celebrated similar milestones. Positive feedback from others can give you confidence that the photographer is a good choice! You can see my Yelp reviews here

Thematic Elements of a 100 Days Photoshoot

Creating a memorable 100 days photoshoot is about weaving a tapestry of culture, tradition, and personal stories into every frame.

Incorporating Cultural Symbols

Longevity Locks: These are traditional gifts given to babies in China during their 100th-day celebration to bless them with a long and healthy life. Featuring a longevity lock in your photos can be done elegantly by draping it over a small pillow next to your baby, or by having your baby wear it if it’s comfortable and safe.

Rice Cakes: In both Korean and Chinese celebrations, rice cakes are more than just food, they’re symbols of prosperity and health. Consider placing beautifully decorated steamed rice cakes near your baby during the shoot. For a creative twist, you could arrange the rice cakes around your baby in a circular pattern, symbolizing the full circle of life and the continuity of family.

Traditional Clothing: Dressing your baby in a hanbok (Korea) or a qipao or tangzhuang (China) can add a vibrant and authentic touch to your photos. These garments are not only stunning but they also tell a story of your cultural pride. Make sure the fabrics are comfortable for your baby, and choose colors that are traditionally used in 100 days celebrations, such as red for happiness and gold for wealth.

Additional Elements: Other elements like bracelets for wrists and ankles made from traditional materials, or even a small backdrop that includes symbols of the Asian zodiac or other culturally significant motifs, can enrich the scene. Each element should have a place and meaning, carefully chosen to reflect the traditions cherished by your family.

Selecting Themes and Colors

In many Asian cultures, certain colors have deep meanings. Red, for instance, is often associated with luck and happiness, while gold represents wealth and longevity. Integrating these colors can be done through props, the baby’s outfit, or even the setting of the photoshoot. Consider soft pastel backgrounds with accents of these more vibrant colors to keep the focus on your baby but still incorporate the richness of tradition.

Another idea would be a “Blossoming Life” theme. This could feature floral arrangements that include peonies or lotuses, significant in both Chinese and Korean cultures for their symbolism of prosperity and purity.

Personalizing your theme to reflect your family’s story makes the photoshoot even more special. Perhaps use a patchwork of traditional fabrics as a backdrop, each piece representing a different part of your or your partner’s heritage. Or, include a small heirloom, like a piece of jewelry or a hand-written note from a grandparent, subtly placed in the scene.

This level of detailed planning and thoughtful incorporation of cultural symbols, themes, and colors ensures that your baby’s 100 days photoshoot is deeply personal and visually stunning. Remember, each element you choose tells a part of your family’s story, celebrating not just a milestone but the rich cultural tapestry that your child is a part of.

The Photoshoot Day

The day of your baby’s 100 days photoshoot is a blend of excitement and activity, where every moment counts. As we capture this significant milestone, understanding what to expect and how to make the most of the session will help ensure a smooth and joyful experience. Here’s a detailed walkthrough of the day and expert tips to keep your little one comfortable and engaged throughout.

What to Expect During the Session

When you arrive at the studio, the space will be warm, welcoming, and safely set up with the beautiful decor and props we discussed earlier. We’ll start with some gentle, quiet time to allow your baby to acclimate to the new environment. This moment also gives us the opportunity to fine-tune any last-minute details and ensure that everything is perfectly in place.

Initial Setup: We’ll begin with the more styled, posed shots when your baby is calmest, using props and outfits prepared beforehand. Each setup is designed to be safe and comfortable for your baby, ensuring that they feel secure throughout.

Keeping the Baby Comfortable: Keeping your baby comfortable is my top priority. The studio is kept at a warm temperature suitable for babies, and we take plenty of breaks for feeding, cuddling, and comforting. Soft, soothing music or white noise can be played to help keep your baby relaxed.

Flow of the Shoot: We’ll move through different setups and poses at a pace that suits your baby. If they’re sleepy, we’ll capture those serene, dreamy shots. If they’re alert and curious, we’ll use that opportunity to snap lively, expressive photos.

Capturing Moments

While traditional portraits are a key part of the 100 days celebration, capturing candid moments and family interactions adds a layer of depth and emotion to your photo collection. These unscripted shots often turn out to be the most treasured.

Family Interaction: I encourage you to interact with your baby naturally during the shoot. Play with them, cuddle them, and talk to them. These interactions can lead to beautiful, spontaneous photographs that capture the genuine emotions of the day. It’s these natural moments—like a laugh, a tender look, or a gentle touch—that truly reflect the bond you share.

Using Props for Candid Shots: Props aren’t just for posed photos. A traditional toy or a visually interesting object can engage your baby and lead to adorable, candid shots. For instance, showing your baby a colorful longevity lock or letting them touch a soft, patterned fabric can elicit expressions of curiosity and joy that are wonderful to capture.

Capturing the ‘Firsts’: First reactions, such as the first time your baby touches a traditional rice cake or wears a tiny bracelet, are priceless. These are fleeting moments that a baby photographer can anticipate and capture, adding a special narrative to your 100 days baby photo album that you’ll look back on for years to come.

Throughout the session, my goal is not only to create beautiful images but also to make the experience enjoyable and memorable for you and your family. With a focus on warmth, safety, and cultural reverence, we ensure that the photoshoot for your baby’s 100 days celebration becomes a cherished memory in itself.


My experience as a newborn photographer has equipped me with insights that are particularly useful for honoring this beautiful tradition, along with tips to help you navigate this special day with ease.

When should we schedule the photoshoot within the 100-day period?

Ideally, the photoshoot should be scheduled as close to the 100th day as possible. However, flexibility is key, it’s important to consider your baby’s health and mood. Booking a few days before or after the exact 100 days can also work well, ensuring that your baby is comfortable and at their best during the session.

What should my baby wear for the photoshoot?

Traditional attire, like a hanbok in Korean culture or a qipao in Chinese culture, is highly recommended as it reflects the rich heritage associated with this celebration. These garments not only look stunning in photos but also pay homage to your cultural roots. 

How long will the photoshoot take?

A typical 100 days photoshoot lasts between 1-2 hours. This allows ample time for various setups without overwhelming your baby. We’ll take breaks as needed to ensure everyone, especially the little star of the show, remains happy and comfortable.

Can family members participate in the shoot?

Absolutely! Including family members, especially parents and siblings, can add a wonderful dimension to the photoshoot. These moments capture the loving relationships and are treasured memories in your family’s visual history.

Tips for the Best 100-day Celebration Photoshoot

Pre-Photoshoot Preparation: On the day before the photoshoot, try to keep your day calm and your baby well-rested. A good night’s sleep can make a significant difference in your baby’s mood during the session. Also, feeding your baby right before the shoot can ensure they are happy and content.

Props and Symbolism: Use props that have meanings in your culture, such as rice cakes which symbolize health and longevity, or small charms that offer blessings and protection. These elements not only enhance the photos but also enrich the story they tell.

Capturing the Moment: Be ready to capture both posed and spontaneous moments. While posed shots are beautiful, the candid moments during interactions often hold the most emotional value.

Ramina Magid - Newborn Baby Photographer Los Angeles

See my newborn photography portfolio here, my baby photography portfolio here, my reviews here and contact me to plan a 100th day baby celebration session that’s just right for your new family. My Los Angeles photography studio is located in Beverly Hills at 1010 S Robertson Blvd Suite E, Los Angeles, CA 90035.


As we wrap up this extensive guide to celebrating and capturing your baby’s 100th day, it’s clear that this milestone is much more than a date on the calendar—it’s a cherished tradition that weaves together the past and present, infusing your baby’s early days with meaning, blessings, and joy. From selecting the perfect outfits that reflects cultural heritage to capturing those tender moments that speak volumes, each step of planning and executing the 100 days photoshoot adds layers to the narrative of your family’s story.

As you move forward from the photoshoot, carry with you not only the beautiful images but also the profound joy and community spirit that this 100th day celebration fosters. Whether sharing the photos with friends or reflecting on them in years to come, these images will serve as a precious reminder of the love and hopes that surrounded your baby in their first 100 days.

Thank you for letting me guide you through creating a beautiful celebration that honors tradition, embraces the present, and looks forward to your baby’s future. Here’s to many more days of joy and growth for your little one, and to the continued happiness of your family. Enjoy every moment, cherish every photo, and celebrate the journey—it truly is the first of many firsts.

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