How to Choose the Best Newborn Photographer for Your Photoshoot

By Ramina Magid – Newborn Photography Studio in Los Angeles, CA

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How to Choose the Best Newborn Photographer for Your Photoshoot

Choosing a newborn photographer is a decision that frames a significant milestone in your family’s life. As a newborn photographer with years of experience, I understand the profound joy and monumental importance of capturing these early moments. 

From the gentle handling of your brand new baby to the artful preparation of each scene, I bring a wealth of expertise and a heart full of passion to every session. My approach blends art photography with the tender realities of family life, aiming to capture the perfect image that reflects the pure essence of newborns. Whether it’s your first baby or you’re a growing family, these early days are fleeting, and I am here to ensure they are remembered forever.

Parents often tell me about the joy and ease they feel throughout the whole session, a showcase to the comfortable and nurturing environment I strive to create. It’s always a pleasure to work with new parents and witness the birth of motherhood and fatherhood as they see their little ones through my lens. My goal is to make everything effortless for you, allowing you to enjoy the experience while I capture the sweetness of your newborn.

What Makes Newborn Photography Special?

As a photographer who has had the joy of photographing over 700 newborns, I can tell you there’s something magical about newborn photos, it’s all about capturing the soft sighs, tiny toes, and the serene expressions of a sleeping baby. This type of photography requires a gentle touch, immense patience, and a nurturing approach. Every session is a delicate dance between maintaining a calm environment and capturing the adorable expressions that newborns have. Special equipment like soft lighting, cozy wraps, and a warm studio are essential to create the perfect scene.

Key Terms Explained

Let’s break down some basic key terms you might come across when planning your newborn’s photo session:

Newborn Session: This is a photo shoot specifically tailored for newborns, usually held when the baby is between 5 to 21 days old. It’s the ideal time to capture your little one in their tiniest form.

Wrap: In newborn photography, a wrap is a soft, stretchy fabric used to swaddle the baby. Wraps help keep the baby cozy and comfortable during the session, while also adding a beautiful texture and color to the photographs.

Bonnet: In newborn photography, a bonnet refers to a small, soft hat that fits snugly around a newborn’s head. Bonnets are often made from gentle materials like lace or knit and are used not only to keep the baby’s head warm but also to add a touch of timeless style to the photographs.

Fresh 48: This is a special session for families who want the first few hours of their newborn’s life captured without having the entire labor or birth documented. Taken within the first 48 hours of a newborn’s life, these sessions capture the newness of the baby in a natural and raw way, usually at the hospital or birthing center.

Prop: In newborn photography, props refer to any item used to enhance the setting of a photograph. This can include baskets, bowls, tiny furniture, or themed accessories that contribute to the aesthetic of the photo session.

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Preparing for a Newborn Session with Your New Baby

When it comes to newborn photography, timing isn’t just important—it’s everything. The first 21 days of a newborn’s life are ideal for photography for several reasons. During this time, babies are usually very sleepy and malleable, which helps in gently posing them in those adorable, peaceful positions that parents love. They are more likely to curl up naturally, allowing us to capture that fresh, just-born look that becomes a cherished memory as they grow.

In choosing between a studio session and an in-home lifestyle session, consider what atmosphere you envision for your photos. Studio sessions are held in a controlled environment where every element, from temperature to lighting, is adjusted to comfort and flatter your little one. My photography studio in Los Angeles is designed specifically for newborn sessions, equipped with a variety of wraps, props, and backgrounds to customize each shoot (you can also bring extras or a family heirloom to include in shots if you have). Here, everything is sanitized and set up to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort.

On the other hand, in-home sessions capture the essence of your family’s new life with your baby in a familiar environment. These sessions are less about perfect poses and more about the natural interactions between your newborn and the family. However, keep in mind that lighting and space can be challenging in homes, and not all spaces may be as conducive to the soft, controlled aesthetic of studio photography. 

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Choosing the Best Newborn Photographer to Photograph Your Little One

Choosing the right newborn photographer is not just about finding someone who can take good picture, it’s about finding an artist who can capture the essence of your baby’s first days in a style that resonates with you. When reviewing a photographer’s portfolio, it’s essential to look for variety and consistency in quality. A diverse portfolio that includes close-ups, family interactions, and individual portraits in various poses shows the photographer’s versatility and skill.

As you browse through their work, pay attention to how they use light, the clarity and colors in the images, and how they handle different scenes. Do the babies look comfortable and peaceful? Are there creative setups that catch your eye? Remember, each photograph in their gallery is an insight into their approach and attention to detail.

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Essential Questions to Ask Potential Photographers

What is your experience with newborn photography?

Understanding their level of expertise, especially with newborns, can give you confidence in their ability to handle your baby safely and expertly. For instance, I have personally photographed over 700 newborns, with newborn safety as a paramount priority. I am fully trained in posing and handling your baby, ensuring a safe and serene session. 

Can you describe your photography style?

This will help you determine if their style matches the vision you have for your newborn’s photos, whether it’s posed, lifestyle, or a mix. I specialize in natural light photography, utilizing soft, diffused light to create gentle, inviting images. My style blends both posed and lifestyle elements, capturing your newborn in beautifully designed setups as well as natural, candid family interactions.

What does a typical session look like?

Knowing what to expect during the session helps prepare you and sets the stage for a smooth experience. In my sessions, I ensure everything is prepared ahead of time, from setting up custom designs to sanitizing the studio. Each session is scheduled during the morning to take advantage of the soft natural light and when babies are often sleepiest.

What are your policies regarding rescheduling if the baby is unwell?

Babies can be unpredictable and it’s vital to know how flexible the photographer is with last-minute changes. At Ramina Magid Photography, I offer flexible rescheduling options to accommodate any sudden changes due to health concerns, ensuring the safety and comfort of your newborn above all.

What packages do you offer, and what do they include?

Understanding what is included in different packages and any possible additional costs helps in planning and budgeting for your session. I offer two packages for newborn photography, one is newborn only and the second one includes time to photograph mom, dad & baby in together and separate shots, as well as any siblings baby may have. My packages are comprehensive, including several hours of shooting, a variety of setups, and a selection of high-quality props and accessories.

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Credentials and Safety

When entrusting someone to photograph your newborn, the safety of your little one is paramount. It’s crucial that the photographer not only has a natural affinity with babies but also possesses the necessary training and credentials to ensure a safe environment during the shoot.

As a professional in this field, I can’t stress enough the importance of choosing a photographer who is specifically trained in newborn safety and handling. This includes understanding how to position a baby safely, recognizing signs of distress, and knowing first aid procedures tailored to infants. It’s wise to ask for proof of such training—many photographers, myself included, have certifications from recognized photography associations that offer specialized courses in newborn safety.

In my practice, for instance, I maintain all my certifications up-to-date, and my studio is a controlled environment where every prop and piece of equipment is sanitized before each session. This meticulous attention to safety helps parents feel at ease, knowing their precious new baby is in safe hands.

Understanding Their Style, Approach, and Experience

The style and approach of your newborn photographer will significantly influence the look and feel of your photographs. For example, studio photography often involves carefully posed shots of the newborn on blankets or in baskets, often using props and outfits. It is highly stylized, with the photographer controlling the lighting, temperature, and poses to create the perfect image. On the other hand, documentary style focuses on raw, real-life moments without any posing or direction from the photographer.

The communication style of the photographer is also crucial. During your initial consultation, notice whether the photographer listens to your concerns and preferences, how they respond to your questions, and whether they offer suggestions that align with your vision. A good photographer should be approachable and responsive, making you feel comfortable and valued. They should be able to guide you through the process with ease and confidence, ensuring that your needs and expectations are met.

In my sessions, for example, I prioritize clear and open communication. I discuss everything from color palettes to session flow beforehand and make sure to incorporate the parents’ vision into each setup. This collaborative approach not only results in beautiful photos but also ensures that the entire experience is enjoyable and stress-free for the family.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Newborn Photographer

Selecting the right newborn photographer is a decision that shouldn’t be rushed, as it involves the safety and comfort of your newborn as well as the quality and cherishability of the memories being captured. Here are some crucial warning signs and oversights to watch out for, which might indicate that a photographer may not be the best choice for your newborn’s photoshoot.

Lack of Specific Newborn Experience: If a photographer cannot provide a portfolio specifically showcasing newborn photography, this is a significant red flag. Newborn photography is not just about good camera skills, it requires specific expertise in handling babies safely and comfortably.

No Clear Safety Practices: Always inquire about a photographer’s safety protocols. A professional should be able to articulate how they ensure the baby’s safety during the shoot. This includes their approach to sanitizing props, maintaining proper room temperatures, and handling babies. If they seem vague or dismissive about safety, consider it a dealbreaker.

Poor Communication: A photographer who does not respond promptly or clearly to your inquiries may also be unreliable in other aspects of their service. Effective communication is essential for understanding your vision and executing it flawlessly.

Overbooking: Be wary of photographers who seem to have an overly packed schedule. Newborn photography should not be rushed—it requires time and patience. A photographer who is rushing through sessions to accommodate multiple clients in a day may not provide the attention and care your session deserves.

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Common Oversights by Parents

In the excitement and sometimes anxiety of preparing for a newborn, parents can make certain oversights during the process of selecting a photographer:

Not Checking References or Reviews: Always take the time to read reviews or ask for references. Feedback from other parents can provide invaluable insight into a photographer’s working style and the satisfaction level of past clients.

Failing to Discuss Style and Expectations: It’s important for parents to clearly discuss their expectations and preferred style. Whether you want more posed photos or a candid, lifestyle approach, make sure the photographer can cater to your vision.

Not Planning Ahead: Waiting until the last minute to book a newborn photographer can severely limit your options. It’s ideal to start looking and book someone during the second trimester to ensure availability around your due date.

Avoiding these common mistakes and heeding the red flags can help ensure that you choose a newborn photographer who will not only produce beautiful, lasting images but also provide a safe, enjoyable, and stress-free experience for both you and your baby.

Ramina Magid - Newborn Photographer Los Angeles

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, my newborn photography studio also specializes in family photography, cake smash photography and baby photographyI am fully licensed, insured, trained on newborn safety and would be honored to be considered for capturing your family’s special moments. 

See my reviews here and contact me today to schedule your shoot and begin the journey of capturing your family’s precious story in the most beautiful way possible. My Los Angeles photography studio is located in Beverly Hills at 1010 S Robertson Blvd Suite E, Los Angeles, CA 90035.


In my years of experience as a full-service family and newborn photographer, I’ve dedicated myself to providing not just beautiful images but a seamless, enjoyable experience. From the careful planning of wardrobe options to creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere in my studio, every detail is handled with care and thorough attention. I would absolutely recommend taking the time to find a professional who makes you feel comfortable and confident in their ability to deliver stunning, high-quality results.

Choosing the right newborn photographer is a significant decision that can influence how you remember these early days for years to come. It’s about finding someone who can effortlessly capture the perfect images while making the whole session a joyful, memorable experience for you and your baby. As you prepare to take the pictures that will adorn your walls and your hearts, remember to look for a photographer who melds safety with artistry, who understands motherhood and family life, and who can capture your baby in the most beautiful and natural way. 

It has been my honor to be highly recommended by many families, not just for the beautiful images I deliver but for the  experience that comes with every shoot. My commitment to providing a safe, warm, and professional environment ensures that each family leaves not only with stunning photographs but with joyful memories of the experience itself. 

See my Yelp reviews here.

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