What Should The Siblings Wear for Best Newborn Photos? 

By Ramina Magid – Newborn Photography Studio in Los Angeles, CA

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What Should The Siblings Wear for Best Newborn Photos? 

Whether you’re a new mom eager to document every giggle and yawn, a family member looking to contribute to the baby album, or even a photographer keen on refining your newborn photography skills, there’s something magical about newborn photo sessions. 

As a professional newborn photographer, I have mastered the art of combining technical skill with a gentle touch to produce amazing newborn photos that families will treasure forever. Part of this magic comes from capturing not just the newborn but also the relationship with their siblings, determining what each child wears to complement the soft innocence of these moments beautifully.

For anyone stepping into the delightful world of newborn and baby photography, whether you’re taking photos of your own newborn, considering hiring a professional photographer, or even starting your own photography business, there’s so much to learn and enjoy. From the quiet moments of a newborn shoot to the lively interactions of family photos, each session is a chance to create something beautiful, to tell a story, and to freeze a moment in time that will be looked back on with joy for years to come.

Siblings in Newborn Photos

When we talk about newborn photos, the inclusion of siblings adds emotional depth and connection to the narrative. A photo of a new baby cradled by an older sibling can speak volumes about love, protection, and the start of a lifelong friendship. It’s these moments that families look back on with fondness, seeing the early stages of a bond that only grows with time.

The challenge—and beauty—of including siblings in newborn photography lies in capturing their genuine interactions in a way that feels both natural and magical. Whether it’s a tender gaze, a gentle kiss on the forehead, or a protective arm around the newborn, these interactions add layers of emotion and storytelling to the newborn session.

Choosing the Right Newborn Photographer

Finding a newborn photographer who can capture the essence of your family’s unique dynamic is crucial. A professional photographer skilled in newborn photography will not only have the technical know-how but also the patience and sensitivity to create a relaxed environment where siblings feel comfortable and engaged.

Look for a newborn photographer with a beautiful portfolio, one that is adept at directing poses that feel natural rather than forced as they should have a repertoire of strategies for keeping the baby calm and the siblings engaged. A great photographer will make the session enjoyable for everyone involved, ensuring that the photos capture the genuine joy and love of the occasion.

Planning the Photoshoot 

The magic of a newborn photography session is in the details. Planning is key to making sure everything goes smoothly and that the session captures the beauty and tenderness of this special time in your family’s life.

Setting a Date and Time

Timing is everything in newborn photography. The best time to capture those sleepy, serene newborn poses is within the first two weeks after birth, when newborns are most sleepy and pliable. This narrow window is when those adorable sleepy baby looks and peaceful poses come most naturally.

When scheduling the session, consider the routines of the newborn’s siblings as well. Mornings are often best when everyone is fresh and in good spirits. If the siblings are older, choosing a time when they don’t have other activities or are not likely to be tired from a long day can make a significant difference in their mood and cooperation during the shoot.

Coordinating Outfits for Siblings

When it comes to selecting colors for your children’s outfits, think of the baby as a delicate new bloom in your family’s garden. Soft, neutral colors like creams, soft pinks, gentle blues, and earthy tones not only complement the newborn’s innocence but also ensure that the focus remains on the baby and the sibling bond.

However, this doesn’t mean bright colors are a strict no-go. If your family loves color, consider choosing pastel or muted versions that add a pop without overwhelming the delicate balance of the photo. The key is to avoid loud, neon colors or busy patterns that can distract from the baby’s sweet little features and the tender moments you’re capturing.

For example, a big sister in a soft lavender dress can look angelic next to her new brother swaddled in a light grey blanket. Similarly, a big brother in a pale blue shirt can add a calm, protective vibe to the scene.

Themes can also play a fun part in your outfit choice. Whether you’re leaning towards a more rustic look with soft linens and lace, or something more classic with simple, elegant dresses and shirts, the theme should reflect your family’s style while keeping the newborn in focus.

Comfort Meets Style: What to Look For

It’s tempting to dress the kids up in the fanciest outfits you can find, but remember, comfort is key, especially for the siblings. Uncomfortable clothing can make kids fidgety and less cooperative, turning what should be a fun experience into a bit of a struggle.

Look for outfits made from soft, breathable fabrics that move easily with the child. For babies and toddlers, avoid stiff collars, tight elastic bands, or any adornments that might irritate their skin. For older children, consider their personal comfort and style preferences too. If they feel good in what they’re wearing, it’ll shine through in their expressions and body language, making for more natural and joyful photos.

Practicality is also important. For instance, choosing outfits that are easy to put on and take off can be a lifesaver for quick changes or bathroom breaks. Similarly, if your little ones are walking or crawling, consider how their outfits will fare with a bit of movement. You don’t want a beautiful dress or a smart shirt to restrict their ability to play and interact naturally with their new sibling.

A little pro tip: always have a backup outfit ready, just in case of spills or accidents. It’s one of those simple precautions that can save the day!

The Perfect Outfit Ideas for The Newborn Photoshoot

For Big Brothers

For the proud big brothers out there, think classic with a twist of fun. A crisp, linen button-down shirt paired with soft, comfortable khaki pants offers a timeless look that’s both elegant and child-friendly. If you’re aiming for something more casual, a soft cotton polo shirt in a light color paired with relaxed-fit jeans can look stylish without trying too hard. For a summer or spring photoshoot, consider linen shorts and a matching vest, which keep the vibe light and airy, perfect for those warmer days.

Finding these outfits can be as simple as visiting your favorite children’s clothing store or checking out online retailers. Brands like Zara Kids, H&M, and Gap Kids often offer a great mix of stylish and comfortable options that are ideal for photo sessions. Remember, shopping online can be a great way to compare styles and prices, but nothing beats trying on clothes in-store, especially with kids. It turns shopping into an adventure, allowing big brothers to have a say in what they’ll wear, which can make them more excited about the photoshoot.

And here’s a fun tip: let them pick a special accessory, like a cool hat or a funky pair of socks. It’s a great way to let their personality shine through in the photos.

See my full guide on picking clothes for newborn photo shoot sessions.  

For Big Sisters

Big sisters can steal the show with outfits that range from whimsical and playful to classically beautiful. A soft, flowing dress in a pastel or neutral shade can add a fairy-tale quality to your photos. Fabrics like chiffon or soft cotton are perfect for creating that dreamy, ethereal look while keeping her comfortable. For something more vibrant yet understated, a floral print dress with a solid-colored cardigan can work wonders, especially in outdoor settings where the colors can play off the natural surroundings.

When shopping for big sisters, consider stores like Janie and Jack for something on the fancier side or Carter’s for everyday cute that still has that something special. Local boutiques can also be treasure troves of unique finds, offering dresses and outfits that you won’t find anywhere else.

Taking your daughter shopping for her photoshoot outfit can be a wonderful bonding experience. Make a day of it, with a special treat like ice cream as a reward for finding the perfect dress. Encourage her to express her style, whether it’s through choosing a dress with her favorite flowers or picking a skirt that twirls just right. 

Incorporating Props and Accessories

Choosing the Right Props

Props should always serve to accentuate the sweetness of your newborn and the bond between siblings. Think gentle, think soft, think simple.


Soft Blankets and Swaddles: Not only do they add texture and color, but they also keep your newborn comfortable and cozy. A gentle swaddle can also be a tool for big brother or sister, giving them a specific role in holding or wrapping the baby, fostering a sense of involvement and care.

Themed Stuffed Animals: A single, carefully chosen stuffed animal can add a touch of whimsy and warmth to the photo. It can be something meaningful to the sibling, creating a more personalized image.

Simple Baskets and Crates: These can be wonderful for posing the baby safely while the siblings sit or stand nearby. Ensure they’re padded with blankets for the baby’s comfort.


Overcrowd the scene with too many props. This can take the focus away from the subjects and make the photo look cluttered.

Use props that are too large or overwhelming. The newborn and their siblings should always be the focal points.

Choose anything sharp, breakable, or otherwise unsafe for children and babies. Safety first, always.

Accessorizing Wisely

When it comes to accessories, the adage “less is more” couldn’t be more true. Accessories should add a subtle flair to your photos, not steal the show.


Simple Headbands or Bows for Newborns and Sisters: A delicate headband or bow can be a sweet touch for baby girls and their big sisters, creating a cohesive look without being distracting.

Tiny Bracelets or Anklets: These can add a delicate detail to your newborn’s photos, especially in close-up shots of the baby being held by a sibling.

Matching or Complementary Colors: Whether it’s a scarf, a tie, or a pair of socks, choosing accessories in colors that complement the outfits can tie the whole look together beautifully.


Go overboard with flashy or bulky jewelry for the siblings. It can be distracting and may even pose a safety risk for the baby.

Forget about the comfort of the accessories. Make sure anything worn by the baby or the siblings is soft, non-restrictive, and easily removable.

Overlook the importance of simplicity. A single, well-chosen accessory can often speak louder than a multitude of adornments.

Posing Siblings with the Newborn

When it comes to capturing the newborn with their siblings, the right pose can turn a simple photo into a heartwarming story. Whether you’re in a cozy corner of your home or in the controlled environment of a photography studio, these pose ideas are designed to celebrate the new bond forming in your family. 

Safe and Sweet Newborn Poses

Creating a safe and comfortable environment for the newborn and their siblings is the key to natural, beautiful photos. Here are some pose ideas that look great, feel natural, and ensure everyone’s safety and comfort.

The Classic Cradle Hold: Have the older sibling sit cross-legged on a plush, neutral-colored blanket, gently cradling the newborn in their arms. This pose not only ensures the baby is supported but also allows for beautiful eye contact and interaction between the siblings.

Lying Down Together: Position the sibling lying down on their side, propped up slightly on an elbow, with the newborn placed snugly against them, also lying on their side facing the sibling. This pose is great for studios where you can control the lighting to softly illuminate both faces, highlighting the connection between them.

Protective Embrace: For a standing pose, have the older sibling stand behind a bean bag where the newborn is safely placed (always ensuring the baby is fully supported). Then, the sibling can gently wrap their arms around the baby. This pose works well for showing the protective nature of the older sibling and can be easily and safely set up in a studio environment.

The Look Down: With the newborn placed on a safe, padded surface, have the sibling(s) gently lean over to look down at their new brother or sister. This is a wonderful pose for capturing expressions of curiosity and wonder on the siblings’ faces, as well as showcasing the tiny features of the newborn.

Holding Hands: If the newborn is awake, a simple pose of the siblings holding the baby’s hand or having the baby grasp one of their fingers can be incredibly touching. It’s a simple gesture that speaks volumes, illustrating the beginning of their lifelong bond.

Engaging the Siblings

Keeping the older siblings engaged and smiling during a newborn photoshoot is about striking that perfect balance between making them feel included and ensuring they have enough fun to let those genuine smiles shine. Here are some tried-and-true tips, sprinkled with a bit of creativity, to keep those little helpers happy and cooperative.

Make Them Little Assistants: Kids love feeling important, and what’s more important than helping out the photographer? Give them simple, safe tasks like holding a (not too heavy) prop or showing the baby how to smile. Their excitement at being part of the team can lead to some beautiful, spontaneous smiles.

Incorporate Playtime: Turn part of the photoshoot into a mini play session. Use a soft toy to play peek-a-boo with the baby or the sibling. Not only does this help in getting those natural smiles, but it can also result in some candid shots that capture the essence of childhood joy and sibling love. Plus, it keeps the energy up and prevents boredom.

Use Their Ideas: Before the shoot, ask the sibling if there’s a particular pose or photo idea they’d like to try with their new sibling. It could be something as simple as them both wearing superhero capes or the older sibling showing the baby their favorite book. Incorporating their ideas makes them feel valued and excited to see the outcome, ensuring their enthusiastic cooperation throughout the session.

Promise a Reward: Let’s be honest, a little bribery goes a long way. Promise a small reward for their cooperation and good behavior during the shoot. It could be anything from their favorite snack to a little extra screen time. The key is to make it something they look forward to, motivating them to participate with smiles.

Keep Sessions Short and Sweet: Attention spans can be short, and patience even shorter. Keep the photoshoot efficient and focused on a few key poses to prevent the sibling from getting restless. Quick breaks for snacks or a little playtime can help reset their mood and energy.

See my tips for family photography with newborn here

Creative and Fun Newborn Photo Ideas

Capturing the essence of your newborn and their siblings in photos is all about creativity and fun. Let’s explore some adorable themes and tips to make your photoshoot not just a session, but a memorable experience for the entire family.

Fairy Tales and Storybooks: Transform your little ones into characters from your favorite fairy tales or storybooks. Imagine your newborn as Sleeping Beauty or your older child as Jack with his Beanstalk. Props can be simple, like a tiny crown or a makeshift beanstalk, to bring the theme to life.

Occupations: Dressing up the kids in mini versions of adult occupations can be both adorable and hilarious. Think of a tiny astronaut and their mission control sibling, or a newborn chef with their sous-chef brother or sister. It’s a playful nod to the future while capturing the innocence of childhood.

Adventure Awaits: Create a scene of adventure, like a camping setup with a small tent, plush woodland animals, and the children dressed in explorer gear. It’s a great way to capture the spirit of adventure and the bond between siblings as fellow explorers.

Superheroes: Let the siblings choose their favorite superheroes to dress up as, with the newborn as the newest member of their super team. A simple cape or mask can be enough to bring this theme to life, igniting the imagination of the older siblings and making for dynamic photos.

See my full guide on creative newborn photoshoot ideas

Capturing Candid Moments

Candid moments between siblings and the newborn are pure gold. They reveal the genuine connection and warmth of their relationship. Here are tips to capture these fleeting moments:

Keep the Camera Ready: Always have your camera within reach. Candid moments happen unexpectedly, and being prepared means you won’t miss a beat.

Encourage Interaction: Gently guide the older sibling to interact with the newborn. Asking them to tell the baby a story, sing a song, or gently play with a toy together can lead to some beautiful candid shots.

Stay Back: Sometimes, the best strategy is to simply observe from a distance. This allows the siblings to interact more naturally without feeling like they’re being watched, leading to more authentic expressions and moments.

Capture the Laughter: Laughter is contagious and heartwarming. Engage in silly talk or make funny faces to elicit laughs from the siblings. These joyful moments are priceless.

Be Patient: Patience is key in capturing candid moments. They can’t be forced, so give the siblings time to get comfortable and let their guard down. This is when the magic happens.

Use Burst Mode: If your camera has a burst mode, use it. It allows you to take several photos in quick succession, increasing your chances of capturing that perfect, candid shot.

See my beginner’s guide to newborn photoshoots here

For Photographers

Navigating the world of baby photography, especially with newborns, presents a unique set of challenges and rewards. Photographers, both beginners and experts, can learn a lot from exploring newborn photo ideas, experimenting with different angles, and utilizing newborn photography props to add depth and character to the photos.

In my private mentoring sessions, I offer a hands-on learning experience tailored for photographers at all levels. Beginners will find a safe space to explore the basics, from setting up your first shoot to understanding the best practices for safety and comfort. Experts will learn about lighting, angles, and composition, learning new techniques to bring a creative edge to their work. You’ll also learn how to use a variety of newborn props effectively, how to encourage natural and flattering poses, and how to capture those detailed shots that parents love.

If you’re ready to take your photography to the next level, to learn a lot of things that can transform the way you view and capture these special moments, then my private mentoring sessions are for you. 


How can I take great baby photos at home?

Taking great baby photos at home involves using plenty of natural light, choosing a time when your baby is fed and happy, and capturing their most natural moments. Place the baby next to a window where soft light fills the room, ensuring a simple and natural background that doesn’t distract from your baby’s face.

What are the best tips for DIY newborn photography?

For DIY newborn photos, always prioritize the baby’s safety and comfort. Use soft, textured blankets as props, keep the room warm, and feed your baby right before the session to ensure they’re sleepy. Take your time, and don’t forget to capture the tiny details like their little hands and feet.

See tips from a Los Angles newborn photographer and my complete guide to photography for newborns.

What should I wear for taking newborn photos at home?

When taking newborn photos at home, opt for comfortable, neutral-colored clothing that doesn’t distract from the baby. Soft textures and simple patterns work best to create timeless and sweet photos. See my guide on what clothing moms should wear for a newborn photoshoot.

How can photographers improve their newborn photography skills?

Photographers can improve their skills by practicing different baby poses, learning how to use light effectively, and experimenting with various angles and perspectives. Engaging in workshops or mentoring sessions, like the ones I’m currently offering, can also provide valuable insights and techniques. 

See more FAQ’s here

Ramina Magid Newborn and Family Photography Los Angeles

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, my studio in Beverly Hills specializes in family photography, cake smash photography, baby photography and newborn photography, I am fully am fully licensed, insured, trained on newborn safety and would be honored to be considered for capturing your family’s special moments. 

See my reviews here and contact me today to schedule your shoot and begin the journey of capturing your family’s precious story in the most beautiful way possible. My Los Angeles photography studio is located in Beverly Hills  at 1010 S Robertson Blvd Suite E, Los Angeles, CA 90035.


For those interested in newborn photography, you’ve likely learned that patience and a gentle touch go a long way. The use of newborn props, the careful positioning of the baby to get the best light, and the timing of the shoot to ensure the baby is still and sleepy—all of these factors play a crucial role in capturing those perfect newborn portraits.

An equally important aspect is deciding to include sibling and what siblings should wear during these photoshoots. Their outfits should complement the newborn’s look, enhancing the familial bond captured in each photo. Soft, neutral colors, or coordinating palettes, can unify the images, creating a serene and cohesive look. 

Encouraging parents and siblings to get in the photos, to hold the baby close, and to engage with them during the shoot not only helps in capturing genuine expressions of love and joy but also creates memories that extend beyond the photos themselves. These are the moments that families will look back on with fondness, a beautiful reminder of the baby’s first days and the beginning of their journey together. Choosing the right attire for siblings is not just about the aesthetics, it’s about making these moments feel authentic and true to your family’s story.

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