Ramina Magid Newborn Baby Photoshoot Los Angeles 292033Ramina Magid Newborn Baby Photoshoot Los Angeles 29203Ramina Magid Newborn Baby Photoshoot Los Angeles 29Cake smash photography might look so easy but it isn’t when you do the process. It is sure a fun way to shoot babies especially that you don’t need to follow posing scripts, babies are free to have fun and get dirty for cake smashing photo shoots. Though this is a free-flowing and unscripted shoot, it requires great patience, perfect angling, and right timing. Having the right equipment for the shoot helped be a great help. Baby photography is a handful of tasks yet it is one of the most adorable jobs.

Before you let your subject smash it’s oh so beautiful cake, you must first take a few shots before you let the baby ruin a masterpiece. And before we get down to another tip, you must take note to do some test shots so you are sure that you’ll get your most comfortable position and the angle where things look better. 

Be sure to have all the materials you need to be readily available at any moment. Aside from having a plain white background and beautiful decorative on the table, make sure to have an extra option of creative backgrounds. Having options is always an advantage. 

Make sure that the baby is in the right mood when he crashes on the cake. You don’t want a crying baby with swollen eyes in the lovely cake smashing concept. Try to get help from the parents to keep the bubbly mood of the baby.

It is also an advantage if you have your own photography studio like my newborn photography studio in Beverly Hills, most of my sessions are held there and I notice that it creates a big impact when you do shoots where you are most familiar with. 

It is indeed a fun activity to do but it surely requires great effort. Hope these tips will somehow help you if you are planning to do one.

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