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Every mom knows that her precious little ones won’t stay little for long! That’s why the team at Ramina Magid is here to help you and your family capture those precious early memories with newborn and baby portraits. Our team of trained photographers has the inside scoop on capturing beautiful baby photos. Here are just a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for your little one’s photoshoot. Make sure that you bring the essentials, such as a favorite blanket, wipes, and pacifiers, to keep your newborn comfy. Timing will be everything, so take your newborn’s sleep and feeding schedule into account when booking a newborn portrait session. Our photographers often suggest booking an appointment right after feeding, when your newborn is ready to take a nap. Choose picture-perfect clothing and accessories (we often recommend light-colored clothing). White and pastels help to bring out your baby’s delicate complexion. Our photographers also recommend bringing a beanie, a stocking cap, or even a cute headband for contrast. At our studio in Los Angeles and Santa Monica we have many accessories for you to use. Newborn portraits serve as a permanent reminder of a momentous time in a woman’s life. Women may choose to have newborn portraits taken to share with family and friends, use as announcements, or simply to keep as a private memento.


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