The Ultimate Guide for Picking Clothes for Newborn Photo Shoot Sessions

By Ramina Magid – Newborn Photography Studio in Los Angeles, CA

clothes for newborn photo shoot

The Ultimate Guide for Picking Clothes for Newborn Photo Shoot Sessions

As you prepare for your photo session, what your little one will wear is just as important as the photographer you choose. Deciding what the best clothes for newborn photo shoot sessions are isn’t just about the aesthetics- it’s about comfort, simplicity, and capturing the tender innocence of your newborn’s first days.

When considering wear for a newborn, think of the softest materials that will grace their delicate skin—textures that whisper rather than shout, colors that complement rather than overpower. I put together this guide packed with tips for choosing outfits for newborn photos, to make sure that your baby’s first portraits are as endearing as the little one wrapped in them.

Preparing for Your Newborn's Debut

Welcoming a newborn into the world is as thrilling as it is overwhelming. Amid the flurry of diapers and midnight feedings, you’re also thinking about preserving these fleeting moments with a photo session.

But where do you start? 

The Essentials of Newborn Outfits for Photo Sessions

When it comes to picking out your newborn’s first outfit for their big photo debut, simplicity is key. A simple swaddle or a plain minimalistic white onesie can be your best friend, allowing your sweet little one to shine without any distractions. You want to capture the essence of your newborn, not the outfit. So, choosing what to wear for those pictures is all about comfort and a touch of your family’s personality.

Imagine this: a soft, neutral-colored swaddle that wraps your baby up like a little burrito, or a snug onesie that shows just how tiny they are. These types of outfits photograph well and will remain timeless in your family albums!

Selecting the Perfect Outfit for Your Newborn Session

Picking the perfect outfit is really about a few key principles. First, think softest fabrics and snug fits that make diaper changes a breeze. Remember, your brand new baby will likely sleep through the session, so comfort is paramount. You’ll want solid colors or subtle patterns that won’t distract from your newborn’s delicate features.

Consider a sweet little pastel hat or a soft headband for your baby girl- these can add a lovely touch without overwhelming the photo. For baby boys, a pair of soft pants paired with a plain white onesie creates a classic look. And for all the tiny tots out there, a beautiful swaddle blanket in a solid or gently textured fabric wraps them up in comfort and style.

The Newborn Outfit Checklist

Preparing for a newborn photo session is a bit like packing for a special trip. You want to ensure you have everything you need to make the experience smooth and enjoyable.

Comfort: The Non-Negotiable in Newborn Wear

Your newborn won’t care if they’re dressed in the latest baby couture; all they want is to feel warm, secure, and comfortable. So when you’re going through your checklist, put comfort at the top. Soft, stretchy materials that gently hug but don’t constrain are perfect. Think cotton, bamboo, or a blend that feels soft as a cloud against their newborn skin.

Fabric Choices: What Works Best for Newborn Photography

Babies have sensitive skin, so the fabric of their outfit matters immensely. Natural fibers that breathe and move with your baby are ideal. Avoid anything scratchy or with tags that might irritate their skin. And since you’re going to capture these moments in photographs, opt for fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily. You’ll thank yourself when you see the final images.

Color Schemes to Flatter Your Newborn in Photos

When picking colors, think about your newborn’s complexion. Soft, neutral tones like light grey, beige, and pastels can flatter their skin and help them stand out. Avoid overly bright colors or very dark tones like a stark black, which can create harsh contrasts. Instead, a color palette of gentle hues will give your photos a soft, ethereal quality.

Patterns and Textures: Enhancing Your Newborn's Photo

Textures and patterns should be subtle so as not to distract from your newborn’s features. A gentle texture like a fine knit or a simple pattern can add depth to your photos without overwhelming the frame. If you’re drawn to patterns, choose ones that are small and understated rather than bold and busy.

Coordinating with the Family

Including siblings and parents in newborn photos creates a full picture of your growing family. It’s about the connection between baby and each of you, a moment in time where everyone’s lives are intertwined around this new little life.

Dressing the Rest of the Family for Newborn Sessions

Coordinating the wardrobe for family portraits doesn’t mean everyone should match perfectly. Instead, pick a color scheme and let each family member express their style within it. For instance, if you choose a palette of creams and whites, mom’s maternity dress can be cream-colored, dad’s shirt a light grey, and the sibling’s outfit a subtle pastel.

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clothes for newborn photo shoot
clothes for newborn photo shoot

Complementary Colors for Memorable Family Photos

Complementary colors ensure the photos look harmonious without appearing too uniform. Avoid clothes with logos or heavy graphics as they can distract from the faces in the photograph. Solid colors work well for newborn photos because they help keep the focus on the emotions and expressions of the family.

Theme Ideas: From Classic to Contemporary for Newborn Family Portraits

Whether you’re envisioning a classic look or something more modern, your theme should reflect your family’s personality. For a timeless feel, neutrals and soft pastels create a serene and classic backdrop that allows the focus to fall squarely on the intimate family moments being captured. See tips for beautiful newborn photography is Los Angeles. 

Think of a setting that feels organic and gentle, with soft blankets and natural light wrapping around you and your newborn. Alternatively, for a contemporary twist, incorporating modern elements like geometric shapes or a bold color as an accent can add a touch of sophistication. The key is to find a theme that resonates with your family’s style—something that when you look back years from now, still feels very ‘you’. From the softest hues to a pop of color, your chosen theme for the newborn family portraits can make these first memories with your little one both personal and timeless.

Seasonal Considerations for Newborn Outfits

Each season brings its own palette and vibe, which can beautifully reflect in your newborn’s photos. Whether you’re swaddling your baby in the softest blankets during winter or dressing them in breezy, light fabrics for a summer shoot, seasonal touches can add a special flair to your newborn’s pictures.

Dressing Your Newborn for Photo Sessions Throughout the Year

As the seasons change, so will the wardrobe for your newborn’s photo session. In the spring, pastels and floral patterns can echo the blossoming world outside. Summer might call for lighter textures and even a cute diaper cover instead of a full outfit to beat the heat. For fall, think rich, warm colors that reflect the changing leaves, and come winter, layers and knits will keep your little one snug as a bug. Always consider the temperature and comfort of your newborn, ensuring they’re neither too hot nor too cold during the session.

Special Holiday-Themed Newborn Outfit Ideas

Holiday-themed photos can be a delightful way to mark your newborn’s first celebrations. A tiny Santa hat for Christmas, a soft bunny ear headband for Easter, or a little pumpkin onesie for Halloween can add a whimsical touch. But remember, the outfit shouldn’t overshadow your baby—think of these as playful accents to your newborn’s inherent cuteness.

Accessorizing Your Newborn for Photos

The right accessories can take newborn photos from sweet to extraordinary, adding layers of personality and style to the images.

Choosing the Right Accessories for Newborn Pictures

Accessories should be minimal and carefully chosen. A single bow or a cute hat can be just enough to complement without overwhelming. Think of soft, plush toys or a small blanket that holds significance to your family. These items can add sentimental value to your newborn’s photos and make them even more special.

Props, when used judiciously, can add depth and interest to creative newborn photo shoot ideas. A beautiful basket or a wooden bowl can be a cozy spot for your baby to nestle into. Swaddle blankets, especially in neutral colors or with soft textures, are both functional and aesthetic. Props should always be safe and comfortable for the baby, so consult with your newborn photographer about what works best.

What Newborn Photographers Want You to Wear

Newborn photographers have seen it all and they have some valuable insights to share when it comes to dressing for a photo session.

We suggest outfits that will photograph well and remain timeless.  Wearing soft, neutral colors like creams, beiges, and light grays will help keep the focus on your baby’s newborn features. They’ll also suggest coordinating but not matching looks for the rest of the family to create a cohesive yet dynamic family portrait. 

See our beginner’s guide to newborn photoshoots (for photographers) here.

Why Photographers Recommend Wearing Certain Colors and Fabrics

Colors and fabrics can make a significant difference in how your photos turn out. Photographers recommend colors that complement the skin tones of the family and won’t clash or distract in the photo. Fabrics should be comfortable and not prone to wrinkling, as this can detract from the overall look of the photo. Textures that add depth without causing a distraction, like knits or lace, can also enhance the photo beautifully.

Postpartum Considerations for Maternity Wear

After welcoming a newborn, a mom’s body is still changing, and comfort is key. However, this doesn’t mean sacrificing style during your newborn photography session.

For the postpartum mom, a flowy maternity dress can be both flattering and comfortable. Choose a dress in a solid color that complements the newborn’s outfit, and consider softer fabrics that drape well and offer flexibility.

Flowy tops, empire-waist dresses, and layers are all great options. If you’re nursing, consider a top with easy access that still fits the color palette of the session. And remember, the most important thing is that you feel good in what you’re wearing, as this confidence will shine through in your photos. I put together a step-by-step guide going more into detail about how to prepare for your session here

The Final Touches Before the Newborn Session

The days are ticking down to the moment you’ll be meeting with the person who will capture your newborn’s earliest days. It’s almost time to see your little one become the star of their own photoshoot. A touch of preparation can ensure that the family looks as great as the feeling of holding your newest little member.

Ensuring Your Outfits Look Great on Camera

First things first, try on the outfits you’ve chosen for the session a few days in advance. This isn’t just to check the fit, but also to make sure they’re camera-ready. Solid colors tend to photograph better than busy patterns, and coordinating the family’s wardrobe in a color palette that complements each other can make a world of difference. If you’re drawn to textures, opt for those that add depth without distracting, like a knitted cardigan or a silk scarf.

Remember, cameras can sometimes be unforgiving with certain fabrics, so give them a test run. Take a few pictures to see how they look through the lens, checking for any unexpected sheens or shadows that might distract from your baby’s newborn glow.

The Last-Minute Checklist for Your Newborn Photo Session

The night before your session, pack a bag with everything you’ll need. This includes a change of clothes for the baby (because accidents happen), a blanket, a plain white onesie, and any accessories or props you’ve discussed with your photographer. Don’t forget essentials like diapers and wipes.

Also make sure you have directions to the photography studio or meeting place and give yourself plenty of time to get there. Rushing can make you nervous, and the last thing you want is to look stressed in your family photographs!

Ramina Magid Newborn Photography

At Ramina Magid Photography studio in Los Angeles we are currently open for booking family, baby, cake smash and newborn photo shoot sessions. You can see photoshoot pricing under each portfolio page and our photography reviews here. Our studio is located at 1010 S Robertson Blvd Suite E, Los Angeles, CA 90035, United States.

Are you ready to turn the short moments of your newborn’s early days into everlasting memories? Feel free to contact me, I’m here to help you do just that! 


After going through a variety of soft hues, comfortable fabrics, and seasonally perfect attire, you are now ready for your newborn’s photo session! From the serene minimalistic whites suggested by your newborn photographer to the vibrant tutus you might be immediately drawn to at a boutique, or a cute bow you found on Etsy, this guide has navigated the nuances of newborn wear with care. You’ve learned to pick something that reflects your family’s style, to coordinate without clashing, and to bring out the connection in family photography with the right colors and textures.

As you set the date for your hoot, pour over Pinterest boards for inspiration, talk with your newborn photographer, and take a deep breath. You’re not just preparing for a photo session, you’re curating the first chapters of your newborn’s story. 

Let this guide be the stepping stone to capturing those chapters in the most authentic and beautiful way possible.

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