Family photoshoot in Los Angeles

Taking family photos can be a very stressful endeavor, as many parents will readily attest. Most parents dread the thought of having to rally their kids to sit still and put on appearances for the professional camera. But it doesn’t always need to be something difficult and dreadful.

At Ramina Magid photography we specialize in kids photography and understand the rambunctious nature of children and their constant desire for play. We make it easy for the parents by providing a playful atmosphere for the children to express themselves without feeling restricted or boxed in by demands.

Moreover, we offer an array of props, dresses, and accessories for the kids to try on and experiment with. We promise that every photoshoot has its own distinct look and vibe, not just something we mass produce.

Our boutique photography studio in Los Angeles is customer-centric in its approach, and we love to cater to the outdoor or in-house needs of our clients. We use natural light to maximize the tones, colors, and subtle features of the client. The result is often dreamy and beautiful looking photos that are stunning to look at.

We pride ourselves on our personalized experience, and since kids are involved, we try and get them in on what they like and dislike. Parents and families consistently tell us of how relaxing and fun the environment was for them to shoot in, and how easy client-professional communication was during the whole process.

We allow your children to enjoy and explore their surroundings capturing their natural joy and curiosity. When they least expect it the most insightful, touching image is revealed.

Our turnover rate from the time we shoot to when the client receives the finished product is extremely fast and smooth. We strive to continue to top the business rankings for best maternity and kids photography studio in the Santa Monica, Hollywood, and greater Los Angeles area.

I always get inspired by amazing photographers all around the world. One of them is my favorite Kristi Telnov. Please check out her stunning work


  1. One day I really want to capture your gorgeous family’s photos! Your daughter is absolutely adorable!

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