Finding the Right Newborn Baby Photographer


Ten tiny toes, wisps of soft hair, pudgy cheeks, snoozing eyelashes and, of course that new baby smell. But blink, and that newborn is suddenly running around the house half-naked and dropping things in the toilet. Childhood happens at lightning speed, which is why capturing those littlest moments with newborn photography is so important. 

Photographing a newborn may seem simple at first, but newborns can be one of the more challenging photo subjects. They can’t hold their heads up, which can make finding an appropriate pose a challenge. They’ll need breaks to eat or get a fresh diaper, which pushes a few minutes of taking photos into a few hours. And many newborns will have red or blotchy skin that’s tricky to edit.

This is why at Ramina Magid photography, I urge my readers and potential photography clients to survey and interview several studios and ask the right questions to find who is most adept and capable.

An expert and talented newborn photographer – one who is experienced in handling, caring and looking after a baby in every step of the shoot – is often hard to come by. Without the right professional training, a photographer could put your baby at risk; so it’s important to be vigilant and do your research to find a reputable, experienced and professionally trained photographer

As a professional in newborn and baby photography in Los Angeles, I am trained to photograph your newborn baby in the safest way. I always tell my clients, that I will not take the planned photo, if baby does not like the pose. Baby’s safety is my number one priority!

Many of you know, that I love color and I know very well how to work with colors, but sometimes, I love to do just pure natural life style photos of newborns and use only white or pale colors.

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