How Photographers Deal with COVID-19

Our current situation brought a lot of struggles and hardship to many individuals, families, employees, and businesses; it costs a large amount of depression and anxiety to human beings. The enemy is invisible in the naked eyes hereafter; we must learn how to comply and take extra good care of our well being. Our safety is in our hands.

We are all affected by the pandemic Covid-19, and we can’t deny the fact that it is ruining business at most. This crisis caused immense harm in our everyday lives and that we underwent massive adjustment in our daily living. Our livelihood had suffered for long, due to lack down, orders we needed to close several stores and stop their operations. Several baby photographers too had to stop their baby photoshoots for health and safety reasons. 

In Los Angeles, newborn photographers are compliant when it comes to their government orders, hence we have closed our business for a while but now that we are allowed to open; we take proper precautionary measures to ensure everyone’s safety. My newborn photography studio in Beverly Hills has been into a series of disinfection aside from our routine practices.

Though it was hard to cope up with our current situation, we are trying our best to get along with this new normal set up. We must learn to accept change and to deal with what’s on our plate. We are getting used, slowly, in the phase of recent transitions to our day-to-day lives.

Rest assured, despite the catastrophe; we guarantee to deliver outstanding services to our clients. My team and I vowed excellency in our outputs. We ensure the satisfactory quality of our products. We are still the same, but we aim to be better every now and then. We understand our client’s demands and safety, and we ensure every one of our proper implementation of health protocols. 

Though this is a tough time, our passion will always be burning. We will continue to capture memories to make each milestone a story to keep.

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