Ramina Magid maternity photography Los Angeles

Maternity photographs are a wonderful way to preserve the memory of a pregnancy before a woman’s entire life changes after her child is born. Any experienced and talented maternity photographer will tell you that clothing and color choices can make a huge difference in capturing aesthetic brilliance during the session.

Prior to the photography session, I recommend that mothers-to-be should consider their outfits, including color choices, and put together several favorites to use for their photos. Think about favorite poses or color schemes. Clothing worn during any maternity photography session in our Los Angeles studio should reflect the setting in which the photos are being taken. When the session takes place in a home with neutral colors, bold hues like turquoise and burgundy can pop against the background palette. For photos in nature or a body of water, such as Santa Monica or Malibu beach, deep blue shades and lighter mint colors compliment the natural scenery nicely. The weather and season of the setting also matters when photos are taken outdoors. A contrasting white will highlight the woman among a bed of fall leaves, but a cozy brown can also work well when enough light is available to make her stand out from the foliage of the season. Checks, floral prints and patterns are flattering for a season, but they are not timeless. When looking back on maternity photographs, mothers will not wish to cringe over outdated clothing choices. Solid colors and neutral colors withstand the test of time and look flattering on any figure. Moms can also skip the maternity clothes, which are often stylized per the season and can also appear outdated in photographs. Instead, opt for fitted tank tops and simple dresses in solid colors. Clothing should also be somewhat tight but also stretchy in order to accentuate the ‘baby belly’.

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