cake smash photo session taken by Ramina Magid Photography in Los Angeles

ramina magid cake smash photography los angeles 32323In this era many are called photographers, one person can brand himself as a photographer if he owns a camera and takes pictures but only those who are professionally practicing the profession know better. Indeed there are those people who have a special eye when it comes to arts but there are also those who studied techniques to take a shot. Often those who do it by passion are not into nature and travel photography and those who make it a business invest a lot; they invest in skills, in learning, in lights, in their camera, equipment, studios, and more. 

In the field of photography, many use their own techniques to stand out. Every photographer offers a different variation of outputs. It may look like just pressing the camera button to their clients but they sure do have a uniqueness to offer compared to other professionals in the same field. Photographers in California indeed showcase different variations to make themselves distinct among others.

To stand out you need to be creative, photography is an art, an expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. You don’t always have to stick to basics and fundamentals alone, it needs to blend with the right amount of self-expression. Play with your camera and angles.

As a baby photographer, I have experience playing with what I know and what I discovered which makes my outputs unique. I usually explore things and do experiments so my clients can always see something fresh. 

I don’t stick with basics, I play with lines, with contrast and effects. Being not only a baby photographer but also a family photographer I did several techniques to make my clients happy. You can look at this adorable family session, that I did a few months ago in Los Angeles.

Don’t be restricted with rules, if you’ll just follow rules your improvement will really be slow. You need to have a unique touch in each photograph. 

In most of my cake smashing photography sessions, my creativity has greatly been exercised. I play along with angles and baby’s behavior, when doing newborn photography, I love to play with lights and shadows. 

You always need to add a touch of your own version to make your art a unique one. You always need to remember that you have something that’s different from others, you have unique capabilities that you can use. 

“Your uniqueness is what makes you special, and that is beautiful” – Nia Jax

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