Keeping Our Studio COVID19-Free

For the past few months, we have been bombarded with the pandemic Covid19. This pressing health crisis had a great impact not only in America but worldwide. This brings danger to human health, especially that the enemy is invisible to the naked eye. I understand that there are always doubts when it comes to someone’s safety distinctly when entering a place that is not of your own.

My client’s safety is always one of my priorities regardless of the rise of a pandemic but we took extra care to ensure your safety. We do our standard cleaning procedures and apart from it, we frequently follow certain guidelines and precautionary measures that are strictly implemented and are ordered by the government.As a newborn photographer in Los Angeles, I understand the risk of having babies photographs in different places such as my Newborn Photography Studio in Beverly Hills. But worry not, I took extra measures in disinfecting and keeping my studio safe and clean.

We are after each one’s welfare and we are not taking anyone’s health and safety for granted. For your peace of mind here are the routines and precautions that we are implementing in our studio. We stringently follow these steps without any absence for our own and your vulnerability towards any sickness or virus. We are all susceptible when it comes to our health and we can’t guarantee someone’s well being every now and then that is why we need to take extra care in many areas.

newborn photo session studio policy by Ramina Magid Photography in Los Angeles

We believe that it is better to prevent and take the extra mile in preventing the spread of the virus in our place than curing what has been impacted. We assure you that this place is neatly maintained to ensure your baby’s safety and yours too. We understand the delicateness of newborns and as a mom too, I would never let your child be in danger.  We are one in this and we guarantee you that we follow what is right and due to our client’s security and safety



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