ramina magid cake smash baby photos los angeles 34222I had deep thoughts for a couple of months, due to the rise of the globally alarming health crisis; the idea of life woke me up to my senses, it is indeed short. That’s why the value of keeping memories means a lot to our family’s future generation. As a baby photographer, the pressing time intensifies my passion for photography, the more that I’d like to take photos and keep the memories alive not only as long as we live but for the generations to come. 

Life is so fast, children quickly grow and hair suddenly turns to gray, time is indeed running too fast. The importance of photography has been very evident in the passing years.  They are what keeps the memories alive. They are our windows to the past. Keeping records of our lives is very important if we want to be remembered, we’ll who doesn’t want to leave a legacy and be known to the newest line of the family right? We all can do that if we capture moments through lenses. 

Just like how newborn photography evolved, with the intention to keep memories of infancy, we take photos to let our children see their beautiful faces and the joy that can be seen in those photographs. 

Treasuring memories is very important, though life is temporary and is fleeting memories can stay, that is where the power of photography comes in. Let us not take the opportunity to take photos for granted.

In my photography studio in Beverly Hills, families have always been excited and are really dressing up for their family photoshoot and those moments are what make me more in love with my job. A family photographer is able to help connect families through the eyes of their lenses that will be developed beautifully. 

And I am more overwhelmed whenever a client goes back for us to capture another phase in their lives. Our works are our pride and we are proud of what we do because we know they give joy today, tomorrow and for the future to come.

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