Los Angeles Cake Smash Photography

Photos and photography have become an integral and inescapable aspect of modern people’s lives. There is no shortage of cameras, people willing to snap shots at all hours of the day, and the interested social audience ready to devour new content.

As Snapchat and Instagram add new features to their products I like to push the envelope and create sensational photo moments also. In the spirit of being different, wild and bombastic, Ramina Magid photography host a cake smash session for children who are celebrating their first birthday.

The idea behind the session has been wildly successful with our customers and its name has spread like wildfire among other boutique maternity and newborn photography studios. Cake smash sessions are just what the name entails, families bring in a cake with their baby of his or her birthday and smash it while I take dazzling photos of the whole affair.

Cake smashing sessions tend to take on a life of their own, mixing memorable photo moments with laugh-out-loud family communion. The session involves tons of decoration, color, smiles, and of course, frosting. Ramina Magid Photography studio provides all the decor and outfits for the session.

I start by taking a portrait of your little one, followed by cake smash and then we finish with bubble bath in the tub. How Adorable!

Newborn family life is a unique and euphoric period in any couple’s journey, and that journey deserves an equally unique and memorable experience to accompany it. Something as wild as cake smashing may just be the answer.


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