Lovely Newborn Session

This month we were graced with another wonderful couple and their newborn daughter. Their newborn baby slept soundly and peacefully throughout the entire session. What a blessing! As always, parents and I went over what look, feel, and style would look best given their aesthetic needs and desires. The final shoot employed three gorgeous and striking details: pink, white and loads of flowers. This dreamy trio of bright colors and cheery set pieces resulted in one of our most proud and heart-warming shoots to date. We also used some blue colors on the shoot, I simply love blue color, it looks amazing on girls!

Our Los Angeles studio comes equipped with everything our cherished clients could want or need for their newborn baby photoshoot. We have everything you would ever need at our studio – bright natural light, endless props, baby outfits and cute decorations specifically designed for both newborn and maternity photo sessions. You only need to bring the milk, baby bottle (if you use one) and the baby of course J

Some parents informed me that their aesthetic choices reflected the settings of their most intimate moments: the city parks and beaches. They sought to preserve the unforgettable moments of their love by recreating the look and feel for their newborn child.  

Over the years, Ramina Magid photographed hundreds of babies. For newborn and maternity photography, safety is the most important thing. We understand what positions, setups, and angles are safe and comfortable, and which are not. I am fully trained to pose the newborn babies in the safest way. When you bring your baby to my newborn photography studio in Los Angeles, you will have the comfort in knowing that they will be in good care with experienced photographer. Our clients rely on my expert eye to give their children the most flattering and complimentary looks during shoots.

If you are ever in Chicago, you should check out this amazing photographer. Her work is absolutely stunning!



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