Maternity shoot in Los Angeles, California

The miracle of life is incredible, remarkable and breathtaking. There is something truly special about the bond a mother has with her child. It is hard to describe the emotion you can capture during a maternity shoot; a mother gently caressing her tummy, gazing lovingly at her baby in her belly. For me these moments are so beautiful and full of life.

The father, tenderly kissing the baby bump, already feeling a sense of immense pride. The sense of wonder in a toddler’s eyes, still trying to comprehend that a new baby brother or sister is inside her mommy’s tummy.

I feel it’s our duty to capture these incredible moments in a way that truly enhances the emotions. My objective is to present you with a selection of images that will really take your breath away. 

At my Ramina Magid newborn and maternity photography studio in Los Angeles, I use a mixture of delicate soft lighting together with post production techniques to create personally tailored photographic art. For maternity shoots, its advised to schedule your shoot 28-35 weeks into your pregnancy, as this is the best time to photograph your bump. At this stage of your pregnancy you have a nice round bump, but it is not yet too uncomfortable to get in some of the poses. Partners and siblings are not only permitted, they are welcomed to participate in the shoot!


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