I am Ramina Magid, Photographer in Los Angeles

Hi! My name is Ramina and I am a photographer located in Los Angeles, California. I was born in Baku, Azerbaijan and moved at the age of 18 to London, UK, where I graduated from Greenwich University with a Bachelor’s degree in business. In 2009 I got married and moved to Los Angeles, California. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl; that was the moment I fell in love with photography.

How it all started

When you become a mom, there are so many precious moments, that you want to memories forever, but unfortunately you do forget. That is when I started photographing every moment with my daughter. Now, I simply pull out the photos of her when she first began walking or of her first night sleeping soundly in her crib and it brings me back to that day and that exact moment. It is amazing how a single photograph can bring you back to the past, this is why it is so important to invest in memories

I mostly specializing in the art of maternity, newborn and family photography. I have worked with countless newborns and am fully licensed, insured and trained on newborn safety. I put lots of thoughts and care into each session. Each session styled by me is unique. When I get behind the camera I focus on capturing the natural attribute of the subject to create lifelong memories that will bring back that special moment in time. I prefer to use natural lighting and keep my style simple and organic.