Newborn Charm

Newborn baby photosession los angeles ramina magidGiving birth is a gift and a baby is an amazing blessing. Not everyone wants to have one nor not everyone gets to have one. Whatever situation it is a baby is still lovely and wonderful to have. We can’t deny the charm each bouncing baby has. People easily fall in love with them.

The moment a mother hears her baby’s first cry gives unexplainable joy and when daddy carries her baby the first time it is priceless. 

Those were the moments that if possible, we want to keep forever but there’s no way we can stop time hence a better option was invented, Newborn Photography. 

Having a newborn photographer makes the memories alive forever and can be relieved from time to time. Baby photography is undeniably great and needed. While still in mommy’s tummy, surely a lot of ideas were coming to mind before she gave birth. One of which is booking a shoot in a newborn photography studio. In Los Angeles, homes are full of newborn photographs in many areas of the house. It is immensely recommended to hire a Newborn Photographer in wherever or whatever situation. 

We encourage every parent to gift their newborns photos to tell, where baby and childhood stories begin. 

If you are interested in booking a newborn photography session, you can send me an email at or visit my studio at 1010 S. Robertson Blvd, Suite E, Los Angeles, CA 90035

Newborn baby photosession los angeles ramina magid

Newborn baby photosession los angeles ramina magidNewborn baby photoshoot los angeles ramina magid

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