Top 12 Reasons to Consider a Newborn Photo Shoot

By Ramina Magid – Newborn Photography Studio in Los Angeles, CA

newborn photo shoot

Top 12 Reasons to Consider a Newborn Photo Shoot

As a parent, you know that babies don’t stay little forever. One minute they’re a sleepy bundle in your arms and the next, they’re on the move, exploring the world around them. That’s why having newborn baby photos is so special. It’s not just about getting the perfect shot, it’s about recording the beginning of your baby’s life journey with photos that you’ll look back on with a heart full of joy. 

As a newborn photographer in Los Angeles, I’ve had the privilege of sharing in these tender moments with families, helping them pause time with a newborn photo shoot. 

The Most Important Reason is Documenting the Beginning of a Lifelong Journey

There’s a unique kind of magic that swirls around the house when a newborn arrives. The world seems to hush just to whisper its welcome to the tiniest new inhabitant. These first days are like none other—full of wonder, awe, and a certain kind of peace that settles over the sleep-deprived joy of parents.

Opting for a newborn photo shoot during this time captures not just images, but the essence of these fleeting moments. As a new mom myself, looking back at the photos of my baby’s days old, I cherish the sleepy smiles and the tiny fists that once seemed so impossibly small. Every stretch, every yawn and wriggle, are moments of pure gold, and they pass all too quickly.

Capturing Tiny Details That Change Quickly

Babies grow at lightning speed. One day they’re all wrinkly and curled up, and before you know it, they’re rolling over and trying to crawl. It’s why capturing newborns in their first two weeks is so precious. In that sleepy newborn state, we get to photograph the puckered lips, the fluff of hair atop their head, the tiny dimples, and the soft, downy skin. I remember swaddling my little one in a swaddle blanket, marveling at how she nestled perfectly into the curve of my arm. These are the details that you’ll want to remember forever—because soon, they’ll be just memories.

Maternity is a time of anticipation, a period filled with dreams about taking newborn photos that capture the essence of your baby’s earliest days. Photographers prefer to schedule baby sessions when the newborn is likely to sleep soundly, often resulting in those dreamy, peaceful images that parents adore.

Including Siblings and Pets in Newborn Photos

A newborn photo shoot isn’t just about the baby, it’s about the family growing. Including siblings in the photos brings an element of interaction and love that is truly special. Watching a toddler gently hold their new sibling or a family pet curiously sniffing the new baby adds layers of storytelling to your photos. It’s these candid, unscripted moments that often become the most loved!

Professional Quality Photos

With the excitement of becoming a new parent, taking photos might not be at the top of your to-do list. But trust me, when you look back, you’ll be grateful for the decision to hire a professional newborn photographer. There’s an art to successfully photographing newborns, from knowing how to get the baby to sleep peacefully for those dreamy shots, to ensuring the lighting is just right to capture the softness of a newborn’s skin. Professionals can do all this, and more.

We have comfortable photo studios packed with props and the expertise to swaddle and pose your baby safely, to get different angles that show off those newborn poses we all love, and to create a calm environment where both parents and baby can relax.

Give Yourself an Extra Hour to Get Ready for Perfection

When planning for your newborn session, one of the best pieces of advice I can offer is this: give yourself an extra hour. Whether it’s to feed your baby, so they’re content and sleepy for the shoot, or to find the perfect outfit that complements the color scheme of your nursery, that extra hour can make all the difference. 

It allows you to approach the session with a sense of calm. You’ll find that when you’re not rushed, the photos will reflect that serenity. And if your baby is asleep when you arrive, we can start with those sweet, sleepy poses as well. With a full feeding right before the session, we can help ensure the baby is in that deep sleep.

Personalization and Creativity

The beauty of newborn photography is in the details and the personal touches you add that make the photo session uniquely yours. A prop can be a cherished family heirloom or a newborn outfit that’s been passed down through generations. It could also be a swaddle blanket knitted by a grandparent. Each prop tells a part of your story, weaving a narrative that’s as individual as your little one.

When it comes to outfits, whether you choose a timeless onesie or a themed costume, these choices add personality and depth to your newborn’s photos. Remember, the prop and outfit selection isn’t just about aesthetics- it’s about creating a visual legacy that speaks to who you are as a family.

newborn photo shoot
newborn photo shoot

Ensuring Safety and Comfort for Your Newborn

One of the paramount reasons to consider a professional newborn photographer for your newborn photoshoot is safety.

An experienced newborn photographer knows the importance of creating a safe, warm, and comfortable environment for your baby. They are adept at handling your newborn with the utmost care, ensuring that the baby is secure in every pose. The room temperature is kept nice and warm to keep your baby comfortable, and each prop is chosen with safety in mind. With a professional, you can relax knowing that every care is taken to look after the well-being of your little one throughout the photography session.

The Lasting Value of Newborn Photographs

Newborn photographs are precious heirlooms that will be treasured by your family for years to come. They capture the essence of your baby’s first days and become more valuable as time passes. These images will tell your child the story of how they were welcomed with love and how they fit perfectly into the family puzzle from the very start. It’s about creating a legacy, a visual narrative that can be passed down and cherished through generations, becoming a treasured part of your family’s history.

See my article on creative newborn photo shoot ideas.

Announce Your Arrival in Style with Professional Newborn Photos

In the age of social media, announcing the arrival of your newborn is a special event. Professional newborn photos add a touch of elegance and timelessness to these announcements. Instead of a quick snapshot, a beautifully composed newborn photo with the perfect lighting and setting can become the announcement itself.

It’s a classy, endearing way to introduce your newest family member to your friends and loved ones, and these professional photos stand out in a sea of everyday images.

A Photoshoot is a Fun Family Activity

A newborn photoshoot is a wonderful opportunity for family bonding! It’s a time when the family can come together, take a breath, and celebrate the new life among them. For siblings, it’s a chance to feel involved and important as they pose with their new brother or sister. For parents, it’s a moment to step back and witness the family they’ve created, all together.

The shared experience of a photoshoot can be fun and playful, and it’s a chance to make memories that extend beyond the camera lens.

Professional Tips and Guidance: Benefiting from Expert Newborn Photography Tips

Lastly, when you decide on a newborn photoshoot, you’re not just investing in beautiful photos—you’re also benefiting from the wealth of knowledge a professional photographer can offer. From how to prepare for the shoot, like feeding your baby beforehand to ensure they’re sleepy and content, to tips on how to dress your family to complement the newborn and the setting.

An experienced photographer can provide guidance on how to make the session successful, share helpful tips that they’ve learned over the years, and help you navigate this new and wonderful journey of parenthood. With their expertise, every newborn photography session is an opportunity to learn a lot of things that will enrich your experience as new parents.

Ramina Magid Newborn Photography

At Ramina Magid Photography studio in Los Angeles we are currently open for booking family, baby, cake smash and newborn photo shoot sessions. You can see photoshoot pricing under each portfolio page and our photography reviews here. Our studio is located at 1010 S Robertson Blvd Suite E, Los Angeles, CA 90035, United States.

Are you ready to turn the short moments of your newborn’s early days into everlasting memories? Feel free to contact me, I’m here to help you do just that! 

For a successful newborn photography session:

  • Natural Light: Utilize natural light for a soft, gentle look in photos.
  • Lifestyle Newborn Photography: Capture the baby in a simple, natural setting like home or a photography studio for a comfortable and intimate session.
  • Newborn Shoot: Plan for 1-2 hours, allowing time to feed the baby and take your time with different poses.
  • Family Photos: Incorporate family interaction for a lifestyle newborn feel- parents often love this pose with the baby.
  • Capturing New Born Baby Photos: Focus on the baby’s natural expressions and poses for authentic memories.
  • Research Newborn Photography: Look into different poses and styles to ensure you know what to expect.
  • During the Session: Make sure to let the photographer know of any special shots you want and involve the whole family for a session that’s a great way to bond.
  • During the Session: Take photos of the baby when they’re most likely to sleep, and pose the baby in natural and simple ways to capture their essence.


Whether it’s the softness of your baby’s skin, the precious bond of family, or the creative joy of personalizing each shot, these photos are a celebration of new life and love. Parents love to look back on these images, often remarking how quickly time has passed and how grateful they are for the memories we’ve locked in time together.

It’s been a joy to guide you through these tips and reasons why a newborn photo shoot is not just a luxury, but a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll never regret investing in. Whether your baby is younger or older than 14 days old and nearing the end of the newborn stage, we’ve got you covered. And as you navigate the beautiful chaos of parenthood, remember that capturing these early days is a gift—a gift of time, memories, and love that will stay with you always.

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