Essential Tips and Techniques for Aspiring Newborn Photographers

By Ramina Magid – Newborn Photography Studio in Los Angeles, CA

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Essential Tips and Techniques for Aspiring Newborn Photographers

Newborn photography is like stepping into a world where each snapshot tells a story of new beginnings. As a Los Angeles newborn photographer specializing in baby, cake smash and newborn photography, I’ve had the honor of witnessing the first yawns, stretches, and sleepy smiles of countless new little ones.

Navigating through the world of newborn photo shoots, from the cozy at-home sessions to the carefully posed setups in our photography studio, requires not just technical skill but a soul deeply in tune with the tender moments of family life. In this guide, we dive deep into the essence of newborn photography and talk about essential tips and techniques that newborn photographers can use to enhance their photos. 

Mastering Lighting for a Newborn Photography Session

Imaging the soft glow of morning light spilling gently through the window, illuminating the tiny, peaceful face of a sleeping newborn. The right lighting for a newborn photoshoot doesn’t just capture an image, it breathes life into it, creating a memory that’s as warm and soft as the newborn’s cheek. As a Los Angeles newborn photographer, I will walk you thru the first and one of the most crucial elements of newborn photography: mastering the art of lighting.

Understanding Natural Light

Natural light, with its soft, diffused quality, is the gold standard in newborn photography. Unlike the harsh, direct light that can cast strong shadows and startle the little ones, natural light envelops them in a gentle embrace, highlighting their delicate features in the most flattering way. But using natural light is not just about opening a curtain and hoping for the best. It’s about understanding how to harness and shape it to enhance your photographs.

The importance of soft, diffused light for newborn photography cannot be overstated. It’s the difference between a photo that feels like a cherished memory and one that’s just a snapshot. To achieve this, I always recommend positioning your setup near a large window. But remember, timing is everything. The best time of day is in the morning or late afternoon when the light is softest. Avoid the harsh midday sun, which can be too bright and create unwanted shadows.

Another tip is to use sheer curtains to diffuse the light further, creating a soft, even glow across the baby’s skin. It’s all about creating the perfect environment where every little detail of the newborn’s face is gently illuminated, from the fuzzy tufts of hair down to the tiny wrinkles on their hands and feet.

See my full guide on photography for newborns here. I also offer full day private mentoring sessions for photographers at my natural light newborn photography studio in Los Angeles. Contact me anytime!

The Perfect Environment is Key

Stepping into a newborn photo session, the ambiance of the room is the first thing that greets you and it’s that warm, inviting atmosphere that sets the tone for the entire shoot. As photographers, creating the perfect environment is not just about aesthetics, it’s about comfort, safety, and the seamless blend of function and beauty.

Setting Up Your Space for the Newborn Session

The key to a successful newborn session is making sure everyone involved feels cozy and secure, especially our littlest subjects. I always start by cranking up the room temperature a bit. Newborns are used to the warm confines of the womb, so a toasty room keeps them comfortable and, hopefully, sleepy. A portable heater can be a great addition to your setup, gently warming the area where the baby will be.

Safety and cleanliness are paramount. Before any family steps into my studio, I ensure everything is spotlessly clean and sanitized, from props and blankets to the camera equipment. It’s also crucial to have all your gear and props within arm’s reach, minimizing movement around the room and keeping the space calm and undisturbed.

See my Newborn Photography LA guide to perfecting your skills.

Props and Backgrounds for the Perfect Portrait

When it comes to choosing props and backgrounds, simplicity is my mantra. A beautiful, soft blanket or a simple, textured wrap can work wonders without overpowering the subject. I also have a soft spot for neutral tones and soft pastels that evoke a sense of calm and purity.

Safety is non-negotiable when selecting props. Everything I use is specifically designed for newborn photography, ensuring that it’s not just beautiful but also safe and soft against the baby’s skin. Remember, the newborn’s comfort should always always come before aesthetics.

See my guide on picking clothes for your newborn photo shoot.

Timing and Patience

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in over a decade as a newborn photographer, it’s that timing and patience are virtues. Newborns don’t operate on our schedules, and understanding their rhythms can make or break a session.

Understanding Newborn Rhythms

The best times to photograph newborns are usually when they are sleepiest and most content. This often falls shortly after a feeding, when they’re likely to drift into that serene, sleepy state we all adore. I find that mornings are generally the best time for a session, but every baby is different.

Flexibility is key.

Being patient and adaptable to each baby’s schedule is essential. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a newborn might be wide awake or a bit cranky. That’s okay. These moments call for a gentle touch and a lot of patience. It’s part of the process, and sometimes, these unanticipated moments lead to the most heartwarming photographs.

Working with New Parents 

Parents are an integral part of the newborn photography experience, and guiding them effectively is crucial. From the initial consultation, I strive to build a connection, setting the stage for a relaxed and trusting atmosphere during the session. I share tips on how to prepare for the shoot, like feeding the baby right before they arrive, to ensure a smooth experience.

Building trust and rapport with the family means listening to their needs, understanding their concerns, and being sensitive to their comfort levels. It’s about creating a collaborative environment where they feel valued and involved. After all, these photos will be cherished family heirlooms, and I want them to feel part of the process.

A tip for new parents: Make sure to schedule your Los Angeles photographer and photography session day well in advance of the actual photoshoot date, before the baby is born, to make sure you’re fully prepared. The best newborn photographers and most professional newborn photographers get booked months in advance. 

Posing the Little Ones

When it comes to a newborn photography session, posing is where the magic happens. It’s a dance of gentle movements and adjustments that showcases the newborn in all their delicate beauty. However, this dance is always guided by the principles of safety and comfort.

Safe Posing Techniques for Newborn Photos

The safety of the newborn is the north star that guides every pose. The classic poses you often see, like the baby curled up as if they’re still in the womb, are not just aesthetically pleasing; they’re natural and comfortable for the baby. I always start with the baby on their back or side, ensuring they’re supported by soft, safe props.

Adjusting poses requires patience and a gentle touch. It’s about reading the baby’s cues and never forcing them into a position that seems uncomfortable. Sometimes, a simple adjustment like tucking their hands under their cheek can transform the pose without disturbing their peace.

Involving the Family in Newborn Photo Sessions

Newborn photography isn’t just about the newborn, it’s about capturing the beginning of a family’s new chapter. Encouraging siblings and parents to join in creates images that are bursting with love and connection. A sibling gently holding the newborn or a parent’s hands cradling the baby adds layers of emotion and narrative to the photos.

Capturing natural, loving interactions comes down to creating a relaxed environment. I like to chat with the family, share stories, and occasionally direct them in a soft, playful way. This approach helps everyone feel at ease, allowing those genuine moments of affection and tenderness to shine through naturally.


Capturing the Tiny Details

In the whirlwind of new parenthood, it’s the tiny details that are often forgotten first—the wispy hair, the miniature fingernails, the flaky skin. As newborn photographers, it’s our privilege to capture these fleeting details, preserving them as beautiful memories for families to treasure.

Using macro photography lenses, I love getting up close to photograph the swirls of hair on their head, the delicate eyelashes, and the tiny toes. These shots often require a steady hand.

Creative angles can also add depth to detail shots. Photographing from above can capture the perfect curl of a sleepy baby, while shooting from the side can highlight the profile of their tiny face. The key is to experiment and find the angles that best capture the newborn’s delicate features.

Storytelling Through Details

Each detail tells a part of the newborn’s story. Whether it’s a dimple inherited from dad or a birthmark in the shape of a star. Incorporating items with sentimental value, like a blanket knitted by grandma or a tiny bracelet, adds layers of meaning to these photos, anchoring them in the family’s history.

As baby and newborn photographers, our job is to weave these details into a narrative that speaks of love, new beginnings, and the beauty of life. It’s about more than just taking pictures, it’s about creating heirlooms that capture the essence of this incredibly special time in a family’s life. With each shutter click, we’re not just preserving a moment, we’re telling a story that will be treasured for generations.

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Editing Tips from A Newborn Photographer

Basic Editing Principles

The foundation of editing is built on simple adjustments that can significantly enhance the quality of your images. Adjusting the exposure, contrast, and white balance can transform a photo from good to great. For those starting, softwares like Photoshop and Lightroom offer tools designed to fine-tune your photos. The key is to start with the basics—crop, adjust lighting, play with color balance—and gradually explore more advanced techniques as you gain confidence.

Avoiding Over-Editing

While the temptation to fix every flaw and tweak every setting is real, the art of editing is knowing when to stop. Keeping edits subtle ensures that the natural beauty and innocence of your newborn subject remain the focal point. This whole process is about enhancing, not altering. 

Black and White

Editing black and white images is about enhancing the mood and texture. It’s in the post-processing stage that you can truly sculpt the light and shadows to highlight the subject. Playing with the contrast and clarity sliders can bring out textures and details, making the image pop.

However, the key is subtlety because too much contrast can overshadow the nuances, while too little can make the image appear flat. Adjusting the highlights and shadows can also add depth to your black and white images, creating a more dynamic range that draws the viewer in. It’s these fine adjustments that can turn a good photograph into a breathtaking piece of art that captures the essence of newborn innocence and purity.

Lifestyle Newborn Color Photos 

Editing color photographs offers a playground of possibilities. Adjusting the saturation and vibrance can enhance the natural skin tones of the baby, making them appear even more lifelike and radiant. However, it’s essential to maintain a natural look, avoiding overly saturated colors that can detract from the authenticity of the moment.

For Photographers

I’m thrilled to extend my expertise and offer private mentoring sessions for photographers who are eager to refine their skills in newborn photography and cake smash photography. 

These sessions are designed to provide you with personalized guidance, practical advice, and hands-on experience. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance your existing skills, my mentoring sessions cover everything from setting up the perfect shot to baby safety and working with colors and props for both newborns and cake smash sessions.

Embrace Spontaneity

In newborn photography, every prop and pose is often carefully planned, and there’s a unique kind of magic in the moments that are completely unscripted. Whether it’s a yawn, a stretch, or a smile, these are the snippets of reality that bring a newborn session to life. 

Being ready to shoot at all times is crucial. It means not just having your camera in hand, but being mentally prepared to capture those moments. It’s about observing, anticipating, and quietly clicking away as the scene unfolds naturally before you. These candid shots often end up being the most cherished images!

Encouraging Interaction 

Creating a relaxed atmosphere is essential for encouraging spontaneous moments. It’s about more than just the physical environment, it’s the vibe you set from the moment the family walks in. A warm greeting, a gentle tone of voice, and a patient, open-hearted approach can make all the difference.

Engaging with the baby and family is about finding ways to elicit genuine emotions. Sometimes, it’s as simple as asking a parent to whisper a lullaby or a sibling to gently kiss the baby’s forehead. These interactions, natural and unforced, can lead to the most heartwarming and authentic photographs.

Building Your Gallery and Portfolio

Your portfolio is the showcase of your journey, skill, and artistry as a newborn photographer. Let’s dive into how to curate a portfolio that not only captures your talent but also speaks to the hearts of potential clients.

Selecting Your Best Work: Show what you Specialize in 

Choosing the images for your portfolio is like picking your favorite stars in the sky—each one shines with its own light. Look for photos that not only show technical excellence but also emotional impact. These images should tell a story, evoke emotions, and showcase the unique connection between the newborn and their family.

The importance of variety cannot be overstated. A diverse portfolio demonstrates your versatility and skill in handling different lighting conditions, setups, and subjects. From peaceful sleeping poses to tender family interactions, showing a range of skills will attract a broader clientele.

Online Presence

An online newborn photography portfolio and social media presence are indispensable tools for a newborn photographer. Your website should be easy to navigate, with high-quality images that load quickly. Make it inviting and reflective of your style.

Social media is your stage to engage with your audience and potential clients. Regular posts, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and heartfelt stories about your sessions can create a connection with your followers. Remember, consistency in your online persona and work can help build trust and attract clients who feel aligned with your vision.

Stay Inspired

Inspiration is all around us—in the soft glow of sunrise, the laughter of children, and the work of fellow artists. Open your eyes and heart to the beauty in the everyday. The journey of a photographer is a never-ending path of discovery and growth. The moment we stop learning and being inspired, we risk our art becoming stagnant. Also look to participate in workshops or mentorship sessions, these not only help you elevate your skills but also connect you with like-minded people who can become friends, mentors, and collaborators.

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Practice Makes Perfect

For both baby photographers and family and newborn photographers, regular practice will sharpen your eye, refine your skills, and nurture your creative soul. Experiment with different techniques, challenge yourself with personal projects, and set goals that push you out of your comfort zone.

Ramina Magid Newborn and Family Photography Los Angeles

My studio in Beverly Hills specializes in family photography, cake smash photography, baby photography and newborn photography, I am fully am fully licensed, insured, trained on newborn safety and would be honored to be considered for capturing your family’s special moments. 

See my reviews here and contact me today to schedule your shoot and begin the journey of capturing your family’s precious story in the most beautiful way possible. My Los Angeles photography studio is located in Beverly Hills at 1010 S Robertson Blvd Suite E, Los Angeles, CA 90035.


The art of newborn photography is a delicate dance between patience, skill, and an unwavering love for the craft. It’s about about documenting life’s most precious beginnings and creating lasting memories for families to treasure. Drawing this guide to a close, my hope is that it lights a path for you, filled with inspiration, knowledge, and the confidence to capture the early days of a newborn baby.

Whether capturing a lifestyle newborn session, a family photography session or the intricacy of a studio portrait session with the new baby, my mission remains the same: to deliver an unparalleled photography experience, marked by empathy, professionalism, and a deep understanding of the fleeting nature of these early days.

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