Newborn Photography 101: Tips on Securing Baby’s Safety During the Shoot

Doing baby photoshoots entails a lot of care and preparation. The baby’s safety is in the photographer’s hand during newborn photography. In Los Angeles, we practice certain precautions to ensure the well-being of the infants.


  • Infant-friendly Studio

It is very important for Newborn Photographers that they keep their studio a suited place for babies. Putting up a regular studio is far different from setting up a room suited for babies only. Some things that set them apart are fragrance and ventilation. 


  • Hypoallergenic Props

Keep in mind that the newborn’s skin is highly sensitive. We can’t use props that can hurt their delicate skin. And it must always be clean using baby-friendly detergents or cleaning agents. Neonates are very sensitive to dust and bacteria so we always need to be vigilant in choosing the right materials to use for newborn shoots.


  • Comfortable Poses and 

Aside from having delicate skin, these sweethearts also have soft bones. One that a photographer should keep in mind. Take good care of the baby as your child. 


  • Handling with Extra Care

As mentioned above these sweeties are dainty. Being a mom is an advantage but if not it’s still fine as long as you have prior experience in handling one or you have studied carefully on how to take good care of them once they are in your arms. Well this can be skipped only if you have a person who can work with you that can do the job or the mother of the infants can volunteer for the job.


  • First Aid Kit

We can’t always predict what might happen so we need to be ready to prevent worse case scenarios. It is very important to have a first aid kit just like any home, office, or company. No matter how small your studio is, accidents are not predicted so we need to be prepared to avoid serious damage.

newborn photo session taken by Ramina Magid Photography in Los Angelesnewborn photo session taken by Ramina Magid Photography in Los Angelesnewborn photo session taken by Ramina Magid Photography in Los Angeles


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