ramina magid photography newborn photoshoot 2424554Not many people get to have the privilege of doing what they love as their profession. Although it is fun and satisfying, some challenges will try to tear you down. Not many will admit the times of deciding whether to surrender or to continue are very frequent. However, after a short rest and deep meditation, we are back again on track, not because you force yourself but because you still love what you do and you only need a little time for yourself.

Being a newborn photographer can be overwhelming, especially when you are starting, many will question what you can do but don’t let that stop you. Prove that you are capable of being a newborn photographer. Being a baby photographer isn’t easy aside from taking good photos, you need to be kid-friendly and to study their behaviours to get a good shot.

It may not look very easy at first, but when you love what you are doing, and you are dedicated, it will come naturally. Little by little, you’ll find yourself getting used to it, soon it will flow smoothly because you already know what to do.

Being a professional requires a lot of experience and expertise, but as mentioned if you love what you do, those won’t be a huge burden for you. If this is your interest, do not be afraid! It is better to fail than to regret not trying. Do not let your time fly without trying. The best you can do is to start now.

It was first a hobby for me then I took the risk of building my very own newborn photography studio in Los Angeles and here we are now. I didn’t let fear overtake me, and I can’t be happier with what I have become. Be brave and start now.

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