Newborn photography as an investment

The first time a mother holds her newborn is something indescribable. It is a moment that comes once and only once in a mother’s life. The rarity and exceptional warmth that comes from such a moment is all too short, and we at Ramina Magid Photography know that.

Why capture your newborn baby’s first months in portraiture? Why, everlasting felicity to start! It is a curious thing to note that no couple would forgo portraits and pictures of their wedding, yet many forget to capture a moment equally as valuable. We know that amidst the excitement of maternity and child rearing, capturing the saintly image of a newborn may slip down on the priority list.

One major reason our couples at Ramina Magid opt for portraits of their newborns is to forever enshrine their genealogy and heritage. The family tree, scrap books and other such sacred records benefit immensely from a picture-record of a newborn’s first months. An exquisite portraiture of a newborn rewards the couple after every viewing. As well as every family member and extended family member down the line for ages to come.

Based on years of maternal and newborn photography we can tell you that no couple has ever wrote in to complain of having taken pictures taken of their newborn. In fact, the exact opposite is the case. We have had many couples come to our shop door to express regret at not seizing and capturing that emotional moment.

If you have a friend or family member expecting in New Year area, I would suggest you contacting Julia Pavlova Photography. Her work is beautiful!


  1. Ramina, as always, your beautiful photos melt my heart! Colors, set ups, everything! Amazing work! You are the best!

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