Newborn Photography Facts You Need to Know

Babies are one of the most wonderful gifts from above if not the most. Parents would always want to capture their baby’s little milestones, I do too as a mother and as a baby photographer. We always want to document their little steps, their first word, their first smile and almost all of their firsts. There are a lot of newborn photography studios in Los Angeles that offer a variety of unique and thematic photoshoots for your little ones. 

As one of the photographers in Beverly Hills I’ve got a lot of baby photography, cake smashing photography, baptismal, nativity shoots and more; every time I held sessions I’ve got a consistent few facts to share with you.Before we step into the photography proper here are some facts that we need to keep in mind when having baby photography sessions:

  • Babies are fragile, it is one truth that we can’t take for granted, their little hands and feet are so delicate. We always need to be cautious in the way we hold and position them. Their bones are still soft and they always need to be handled with so much care.
  •  Babies are so small that they fit in almost everything. It is very easy to do thematic baby photoshoots and easy to look for things where you can incorporate your ideas too. Newborns look really cute and adorable, you’ll be very surprised by how good they look in little pieces.
  •  Got to have experience. It isn’t easy to handle newborn, you can’t simply just do DIY shoots without prior knowledge in handling them. Unlike toddlers, a newborn might look easy to work with but because they have tiny bones, delicate body and sensitive skin you need to get pieces that will be friendly to them.You’ve got to find the right newborn photographer with great experience, to work easily and for your baby’s safety as well.
  •  Need to do it early. Before your newborn turns two weeks old is the perfect time to get baby photographers to do their job. It is the time where newborns sleep most of the time and their skin is still clear from spots and acne.

 Knowing those truths you can now start your newborn photography shoots. I’ll be happy to entertain you in my newborn photography studio in Los Angeles. Feel free to contact me and book your schedule anytime.

I love to share the contacts of my favorite inspiring photographers. One of them is a very talented Assal, her studio is in NJ. Please check out her stunning work on her website

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