Perfecting Your Newborn Photography LA Techniques: Tips for Photographers

By Ramina Magid – Newborn Photography Studio in Los Angeles, CA

newborn photography la

Perfecting Your Newborn Photography LA Techniques: Tips for Photographers

Welcome to the world of newborn photography in LA! As a Los Angeles newborn photographer, I’ve had the privilege of documenting the first moments of many newborn babies, creating memories that families will cherish for a lifetime. This journey is not just about taking beautiful photos- it’s about immortalizing the unspoken bond between a baby and their family, a bond that’s both profound and heartwarmingly pure.

Specializing in newborn photographybaby photography, cake smash photography and family photography has been incredibly rewarding. It’s a field that combines artistic skill with a deep understanding of the delicate nature of newborns. Each session, whether in a cozy studio setting or the natural backdrop of Los Angeles’s diverse landscapes, is a new adventure and a chance to create timeless photos. The joy of seeing parents’ eyes light up when they see their little one’s first portraits is indescribable. It’s these moments that make newborn photography not just a profession, but a passion.

Understanding Newborn Photography

Capturing the Delicate Moments

Newborn photography is a unique and beautiful art form that captures the delicate moments of a newborn’s early days. As a newborn photographer, I’ve found that photographing newborns requires a blend of patience, creativity, and a gentle touch. Every photograph tells a story – the story of a new baby’s first days in this world. In my studio, I ensure that every pose, prop, and photograph reflects the innocence and fragility of the newborn.

One of the most beautiful aspects of newborn photography is its ability to freeze a moment in time. New parents are often told how quickly time flies and how rapidly their baby will change. Newborn photography captures these precious moments in a blink of an eye, providing a tangible memory of this special time in their lives.

The Emotional Depth in Newborn Photography

Newborn photography isn’t just about taking pictures of a baby, it’s about capturing the emotional depth and connection between the baby and their family. In my years of experience, I’ve learned to look for and highlight these emotive moments. Whether it’s the tender way a mother looks at her baby or the protective hold of a father’s hands, these are the elements that add depth to a newborn photo.

Newborn Photography in the LA Scene

The Unique Los Angeles Aesthetic

Los Angeles offers a vibrant and diverse backdrop for newborn and baby photography. The city’s unique blend of urban and natural landscapes provides endless opportunities for creative and one-of-a-kind newborn photo sessions. As a photographer in this dynamic city, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring various styles and themes that resonate with the LA aesthetic.

From minimalist in-home sessions to elaborate setups at my professional photo studio, Los Angeles presents a spectrum of options for newborn photography. I’ve worked in various settings across the city, from the sunny beaches of Santa Monica to the quaint neighborhoods of Pasadena, each offering a distinct backdrop that enhances the beauty of newborn photography.

See my article on 10 tips for beautiful newborn photography in Los Angeles. 

Blending Urban and Natural Elements

One of my favorite aspects of being a newborn and baby photographer in Los Angeles is the ability to blend urban and natural elements into my photography style. The city’s diverse scenery allows for a mix of sleek, modern portraits and soft, natural family photos. I’ve often incorporated elements of the city’s architecture or the natural beauty of its landscapes into my newborn sessions.

In some sessions, I’ve taken newborns and their families to iconic spots like the beach in Malibu for outdoor photo shoots, embracing the golden light and natural backdrops. Other times, in the comfort of my photography studio, I create a serene and controlled environment that focuses solely on the newborn, using props and backgrounds to enhance the photos.

Preparing for a Newborn Session: Before the Session

Communicating with Parents

Preparation is key in newborn photography, and it all starts with effective communication with the parents. Before any newborn session, I make it a point to have a detailed conversation with the parents. This is not just about scheduling and logistics- it’s also about understanding their expectations and preferences for the shoot. I ask questions like what kind of style they’re looking for, and if they have any specific themes or props in mind. This initial dialogue helps in creating a photo session that’s personalized and meaningful for each family.

Planning and Conceptualizing the Session

Once I have a good understanding of the parents’ wishes, the next step is planning and conceptualizing the session. This involves selecting the right props, deciding on the color scheme, and figuring out the poses. I always keep in mind that every newborn is unique, and the session should reflect their individuality.

I spend time thinking about how to incorporate elements that are meaningful to the family, whether it’s a hand-knitted blanket from a grandparent or a special toy. I also consider the natural lighting and the overall aesthetic of the shoot. Whether it’s an emotive, candid style or a more posed, portrait session, my goal is to create images that are both beautiful and personal.

See my guide on preparing for your family photo session here.

Setting Up Your Studio:

Creating a Safe and Comfortable Environment

Safety and comfort are my top priorities in newborn photography. In my Los Angeles studio, every detail is designed with the newborn’s well-being in mind. The studio is kept warm and cozy to ensure the baby is comfortable, and I always have a selection of soft, clean blankets and cushions ready.

The environment is also set up to be calming and welcoming for the parents. I understand that bringing a new baby into a studio can be a bit overwhelming, so I make sure there’s a comfortable space for them to relax, feed the baby, or just watch the session unfold.

I offer private mentoring for photographers, feel free to contact me as  well as see this article I put together as a beginner’s guide to newborn photoshoots (tips for infant photographers). 

Photography Techniques: Lighting and Composition

Natural vs. Artificial Lighting

In newborn photography, lighting plays a crucial role in capturing the softness and purity of a newborn. I’ve experimented with both natural and artificial lighting and have found that natural light is best for newborn photographs.

Natural light, streaming gently through a window, offers a soft, warm glow that beautifully highlights a newborn’s delicate features. It’s my favorite way to shoot, especially in the golden hours of early morning or late afternoon when the light is just perfect. There’s something truly timeless about the way natural light wraps around the baby, creating a serene and angelic look.

Composing the Perfect Newborn Photo

Composition is another key element in newborn photography. It’s about more than just placing a baby in front of the camera. It’s about creating a visual story. I always aim to compose each shot in a way that focuses on the baby, highlighting their tiny features and expressions.

When composing a newborn photo, I consider factors like background, angles, and the use of negative space. I love incorporating elements that add depth and texture, like a soft blanket or a hand-knitted hat. My goal is always to create a composition that feels balanced and draws the viewer’s eye directly to the newborn.

Posing the Newborn

Safe and Comfortable Poses

Safety is number 1 when posing newborns, this is a rule I uphold in every session as a  newborn photographer. I have been meticulously trained in safely handling and posing newborns, ensuring that each little one is comfortable and secure throughout the session. My approach is extremely professional, always prioritizing the baby’s safety above all.

Simple, natural poses often work best. I typically start with the baby lying on their back or side, gently curled up as they might be in the womb. These poses are not only safe but also incredibly sweet and natural, capturing the essence of what I love to capture as a photographer.

To add variety and an artistic touch to the session, I use carefully selected props like baskets, soft blankets, and newborn outfits, all designed to support the baby comfortably. Each prop is chosen to complement the baby’s natural beauty and to create a beautiful piece of portraiture.

This personalized approach has made many Los Angeles families feel at ease, trusting me with capturing some of the most important moments in their life. It’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly, knowing that these photos mark the beginning of a new, exciting time in their lives. See 21 creative newborn photo shoot ideas.

Working with Parents and Siblings

Involving parents and siblings in a newborn session adds a beautiful layer of emotion and connection to the photographs. I guide them on how to hold and interact with the baby in a way that feels natural and comfortable for everyone. See my guide on essential tips for family photography with newborn

When photographing newborns with their siblings, I ensure that the older children are engaged and feel included. It’s amazing to capture the wonder and curiosity in their eyes as they look at the new baby.

newborn photography la
newborn photography la

Post-Photography Processes: Editing and Retouching

Subtle Edits to Enhance Newborn Photos

After the photo session, the next step is editing and retouching the images. This process is delicate, especially with newborn photography. My philosophy is to enhance, not alter, the natural beauty of the photographs. Using editing software, I make subtle adjustments to lighting and color, ensuring that each image reflects the natural allure of the newborn.

Keeping the Authenticity

In every edit, my goal is to preserve the authenticity of the original photograph. I avoid over-editing or adding unnecessary filters that might detract from the natural beauty of the newborn and the moment. The aim is to create a final image that feels as real and genuine as the moment it was captured. This respect for authenticity has always resonated with my clients, who often seek a natural, organic style in their photography.

The Influence of Hollywood on Newborn Photography

Living in the entertainment capital of the world, it’s impossible not to be influenced by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. This influence often finds its way into my newborn photography. Whether it’s through cinematic compositions, or even whimsical, movie-inspired setups, there’s always a touch of Hollywood magic in my work.

Building Your Brand as a Newborn Photographer in LA

In Los Angeles, building a brand as a newborn photographer involves much more than just capturing beautiful images. It’s about networking, effectively using social media, providing exceptional customer service, and creating a compelling portfolio. These elements work together to establish a strong presence in the market and attract a growing clientele. As a photographer, my brand is a reflection of my passion for capturing the fleeting moments of newborn life, and each interaction and photograph is a step towards strengthening that brand. For a full mentoring session, see my page for photographers here. 

Creating a Portfolio that Speaks Volumes

Your portfolio is your visual resume as a newborn photographer. I’ve spent years curating a portfolio that showcases my best work and reflects my unique style. It’s important that my portfolio not only displays the quality of my photography but also the diversity in my sessions – from classic, timeless images to more modern, stylized shoots.

I regularly update my portfolio with recent work and ensure it’s easily accessible on my website and social media platforms. High-quality images, along with client testimonials, give potential clients a clear idea of what they can expect when they book a session.

Ramina Magid Newborn Photography

At Ramina Magid Photography studio in Los Angeles we are currently open for booking family, baby, cake smash and newborn photo shoot sessions. You can see photoshoot pricing under each portfolio page and our photography reviews here. We also offer mentoring for photographers here. Our studio is located at 1010 S Robertson Blvd Suite E, Los Angeles, CA 90035, United States.

Are you ready to turn the short moments of your newborn’s early days into everlasting memories? Feel free to contact me, I’m here to help you do just that! 


Reflecting on my journey as a newborn photographer in Los Angeles, I am filled with gratitude for every baby photo, every family session, and every opportunity to create fine art. Each newborn photoshoot is a reminder of how quickly time goes and how precious these early moments are.

To aspiring photographers, I say this: embrace your passion for photography and let it guide you. The path to becoming a professional photographer, especially in a vibrant city like Los Angeles, is full of challenges and learning opportunities. But with each newborn session, with every candid moment captured, you’ll find a sense of fulfillment that is truly unmatched. Whether it’s in a photography studio or outdoors, whether you’re photographing a newborn, a maternity session, or a family, remember that you are capturing a special time in someone’s life.

So, continue to work, grow, and capture those truly timeless images! Whether you’re starting your career as a Los Angeles newborn photographer or a seasoned professional, there’s always more to learn, more beauty to discover, and more precious moments to immortalize. Remember, your work is not just about creating beautiful photos, each photo you take is a piece of someone’s story, a memory made eternal, and that is what makes newborn photography so incredibly special.

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