10 Benefits of Scheduling a Studio Newborn Photography Session

By Ramina Magid – Newborn Photography Studio in Los Angeles, CA

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10 Benefits of Scheduling a Studio Newborn Photography Session

As a mother and newborn photographer with a baby and newborn photography studio located in the heart of Beverly Hills I know just how important those newborn photos are! Whether it’s your first baby or you’re welcoming a new sibling into the family, each newborn photo session is a unique celebration of life and love.

Planning a studio newborn photography session around your due date, positioning your little one in adorable poses, adorning them with the cutest headbands, or capturing the essence of your growing family in a beautiful family portrait, my goal is to create keepsakes that fill your home with joy and your heart with memories. With a mix of lifestyle and styled newborn photography, I aim to showcase the natural beauty of your newborn and the emotional bonds that tie your family together.

So, if you’re in the trimester of anticipation, marking days off the calendar until your baby’s arrival, remember, the best time to book your studio newborn session is now. Let’s create a session that reflects the style of newborn photography you love, captures the essence of this significant time in your life, and leaves you with images that you’ll treasure as your baby grows from days old to years old.

The Comfort and Control of a Studio Environment

When it comes to photographing newborns, the comfort and safety of these tiny clients are paramount. My Los Angeles photography studio environment is meticulously prepared to ensure just that, with every detail tailored to create a cozy, serene setting for your newborn.

Temperature Control for the Tiny Ones

Newborns are used to the cozy, warm environment of the womb, so we keep our studio comfortably heated to mimic that feeling. This is especially important when we undress them for those adorable bare-skin shots. It’s a stark contrast to outdoor environments where the unpredictable weather can make it challenging to keep your baby comfortable and safe. In a studio, we can adjust the temperature with something as simple as a space heater, ensuring your newborn feels snug and secure throughout the session.

Safe and Sanitized Spaces

Cleanliness is next to godliness, especially where newborns are involved. Our photography studio is cleaned and sanitized before each session, providing a safe haven for your little one. We understand that newborns’ immune systems are still developing, and ensuring a germ-free environment is crucial.

The props and blankets are laundered and disinfected, and hand sanitizer is always within reach. This level of hygiene is hard to replicate in less controlled environments, making the studio an ideal place for newborn photography.

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Access to Professional Lighting and Equipment

The quality of a photograph hinges significantly on lighting and equipment, and this is where studio sessions truly shine.

Perfect Lighting Every Time

Lighting can make or break a photograph. In a studio setting, we have full control over lighting, ensuring that your newborn’s portraits are evenly lit and free of harsh shadows or overexposure that can often happen with natural lighting outdoors. This controlled lighting is essential for creating the soft, angelic quality that makes newborn portraits so enchanting.

High-Quality Equipment for High-Quality Photographs

The advantage of a studio session extends to the variety of high-quality cameras, lenses, and accessories at our disposal. Using professional-grade equipment allows us to capture the intricate details of your newborn—the fluff of their hair, the delicate lashes, and the tiny fingers and toes. These details might be lost with lesser equipment, especially in less than ideal lighting conditions. In the studio, we can switch lenses and adjust settings on the fly, ensuring each pose and prop setup is photographed to perfection.

Variety of Backdrops and Props at Your Disposal

Customizing Your Session with Unique Backdrops

Imagine a gentle, dreamy scene with soft, muted colors or a whimsical setup that looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale. The backdrop against which we photograph your newborn plays a pivotal role in setting the tone of the portrait.

In a studio setting, we have the luxury of choosing from a wide range of backdrops that can transport your little one to a world of flowers, stars, or even classic textures and colors that will stand the test of time. For example, a simple, creamy backdrop can highlight your baby’s rosy cheeks and tiny fingers, creating a timeless piece of art. Or perhaps a backdrop with autumn leaves might celebrate a baby born in the fall, adding a personal touch to your newborn’s first photo session. This versatility allows us to tailor the session to your vision, ensuring the photographs are as unique as your little one.

Props to Personalize Your Newborn’s Pose

Props are the cherries on top of our newborn photography sessions. From tiny knitted hats that make them look even more adorable (if that’s even possible!) to beautifully crafted baskets that cradle them as they sleep, props add a layer of personality and charm to each photograph. We carefully select props that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also made from materials safe for your newborn’s delicate skin.

The Unmatched Benefits of Studio Newborn Photography

Mastering the Art of Newborn Posing with Expertise and Safety

Within the controlled sanctuary of a photography studio, I bring a wealth of expertise, patience, and gentle precision to every session. My background as a fully licensed and insured photographer, with specific training in newborn safety, equips me with the knowledge to ensure every pose supports your baby’s delicate structure securely and comfortably.

Safety isn’t just a priority—it’s the foundation of what I do. My extensive training covers all aspects of newborn safety, from correctly supporting the head and neck to recognizing and responding to a baby’s subtle cues of discomfort. This comprehensive approach to safety allows you to feel confident and relaxed, knowing your newborn is in the most capable and caring hands. At my studio, every prop and pose is meticulously chosen with your baby’s well-being as the paramount concern, ensuring a safe, serene experience from start to finish.

I offer private mentoring for photographers that want to perfect their newborn photography and cake smash photography skills. See my Beginners Guide to Newborn Photoshoots as well as my Newborn Photography LA guide which are both packed with tips! 

Capturing Perfect Moments Without the Hassle

Imagine trying to coordinate a photo session outdoors with a newborn and their energetic siblings. You’re packing diaper bags, coordinating outfits, and hoping the weather holds up. Then there’s the challenge of finding parking, managing unpredictable lighting, and keeping the kids engaged—all while trying to capture those fleeting moments of newborn perfection. It’s a scenario that can quickly become stressful.

In the comfort of a studio, all these variables and stresses melt away. There’s no need to worry about parking, weather, or chasing the golden hour for that perfect light. The studio is a controlled environment where every aspect, from lighting to temperature, is tailored for the comfort of your newborn and the ease of the entire family.

In-studio, we get the shots you dream of without the hassle. The lighting is always just right, ensuring your newborn and their older siblings are seen in the best possible way, highlighting the tender connections and individual personalities of each family member. There’s no rushing from location to location, everything we need is right here, allowing us to take our time and ensure that every shot captures the essence of your family’s love and joy.

This controlled setting is not only about creating beautiful images but also about making the experience enjoyable for everyone involved. Parents can relax, knowing that everything is taken care of. Siblings have a safe space to express themselves, and breaks can be taken as needed without the pressure of changing locations or losing the light. This ease and efficiency mean we can focus on what truly matters: capturing the beauty of your family’s bond and the precious newness of your littlest member.

I’ve seen firsthand how a studio session removes the barriers to capturing those perfect moments. Families come in feeling relaxed, knowing they’re in a space designed just for them, where their newborn’s safety and comfort are the top priorities. It’s a world away from the unpredictability and distractions of outdoor sessions. Here, we create timeless portraits that reflect the love and connection you share, all within the calm and comfort of the studio.

Choosing a studio session for your newborn photography is choosing a path of least resistance to beautiful, meaningful portraits. It’s an acknowledgment that this special time in your life deserves to be captured with care, ease, and professionalism. As you look forward to this incredible milestone, consider the unmatched benefits of a studio session, where the focus is solely on creating lasting memories in the most stress-free way possible.

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Convenience and Ease for New Parents

Everything Taken Care of For You

The first days and weeks with a newborn can feel like a beautiful blur. Amidst the sleepless nights and the endless cycle of feedings and diaper changes, the thought of preparing for a photo session might seem overwhelming. That’s where the beauty of a studio session truly shines. From the moment you step into the studio, every detail is meticulously planned and taken care of. There’s no need to worry about props, backdrops, or even the baby’s outfit – it’s all here, ready and waiting. This stress-free experience allows parents to simply show up, with the assurance that everything is set for a successful session. This care and attention to detail mean that parents can focus on what’s truly important – enjoying these fleeting moments with their newborn, knowing the memories are being captured beautifully.

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Guidance on How to Prepare for the Session

What to Bring and How to Dress

When choosing outfits for your newborn’s session might simplicity is key. Soft, neutral colors work beautifully, as they don’t detract from the baby’s natural cuteness. Think creams, soft pastels, or light grays that complement their delicate skin tones. Textures can add depth to the photos, so consider knitted wraps or a delicate lace. These outfits and wraps not only look adorable but also keep your newborn cozy and comfortable. See my ultimate guide for picking clothes for newborn photo shoot sessions

For parents and siblings, coordinating your outfits can enhance the cohesiveness of the family photos. This doesn’t mean matching exactly, but rather choosing colors and styles that complement each other. Avoid loud prints or logos that might distract from the main subjects—you and your newborn. Soft, muted colors work well for family members too, creating a harmonious look that keeps the focus on the connection between you.

See what siblings should wear for best newborn photos here and what clothing moms should wear for a newborn photoshoot here. 

Remember to pack a few essentials just in case: extra diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes for your newborn. It’s also a good idea to bring a favorite blanket or a special toy that can be included in the photos or serve as a comfort object for your baby.

Tips for a Smooth Newborn Photography Session

One key to a successful newborn session is timing. Newborns are usually sleepiest in the morning, making it an ideal time to capture those peaceful, dreamy shots. Try to feed and change your baby right before the session, as a full, happy baby is more likely to sleep through their photo shoot.

The studio is designed to be a warm and welcoming space for your newborn, mimicking the coziness of the womb. However, it’s important for parents to remain calm and relaxed as well. Babies can sense stress, so the more at ease you are, the more comfortable your baby will be. Feel free to step back, relax, and let the photographer do the work; it’s their job to gently guide your baby into those adorable poses safely.

Patience is key during newborn sessions. They can take time, as we work around your baby’s needs for feeds, changes, and cuddles. Embrace this time as a chance to slow down and enjoy the moment, knowing that each pose and setup is contributing to the creation of beautiful memories.

Flexible Scheduling Options

Working Around Your Newborn’s Schedule

Understanding that newborns have their own timing, flexibility in scheduling your photography session is paramount. Newborns don’t operate on our schedules, and their comfort and needs lead the way. This is why offering flexible scheduling options is crucial, allowing us to find a time that works best for your baby and your family. Whether it’s adjusting for feedings, naps, or those unpredictable newborn moments, the goal is to ensure the session is as stress-free and accommodating as possible, capturing your little one in their most comfortable and peaceful state.

Planning Ahead for the Perfect Newborn Portrait Session

I often get asked about the right time to book a Los Angeles photographer. While flexibility is key, planning ahead can also ensure your session captures your newborn in the ideal window for those sleepy, serene portraits typically within the first two weeks of life. This time frame is when newborns tend to sleep deeply and curl naturally into those adorable poses. Booking your session ahead of time, even before your baby arrives, can help secure a spot within this window, ensuring we can capture the essence of newborn wonder. It’s about creating a space where time stands still, even if just for a moment, to photograph the beginnings of a new life.

Creating Heirlooms: The Value of Professional Newborn Portraits

Investing in professional newborn photography is an investment in memories, crafting visual legacies that grow more precious with time. As your little one changes with each passing day, these portraits remain, a constant reminder of their very first days in the world. They capture the emotion, the connection, and the indescribable joy of welcoming a new life into your family. This investment is not just in the artistry of photography but in the preservation of moments that, once passed, can never be recaptured. 

As a Los Angeles newborn photographer, I can honestly say that newborn photos are a beautiful celebration of life, love, and the beginning of a new journey.

Ramina Magid - Newborn Photographer Los Angeles

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, my studio in Beverly Hills specializes in family photography, cake smash photography, baby photography and newborn photography, I am fully am fully licensed, insured, trained on newborn safety and would be honored to be considered for capturing your family’s special moments. 

See my reviews here and contact me today to schedule your shoot and begin the journey of capturing your family’s precious story in the most beautiful way possible. My Los Angeles photography studio is located in Beverly Hills at 1010 S Robertson Blvd Suite E, Los Angeles, CA 90035.


As we wrap up this journey through the magical world of newborn photography, I hope you’ve felt the love and dedication that goes into each studio newborn session. Capturing the early days of your baby’s life, when they are just weeks old, in a portrait session filled with love and care, is an experience I cherish deeply as a photographer.

In my Beverly Hills studio, we take the time to settle your baby, find the perfect variety of poses, and use props and styling to complement their natural beauty, all while ensuring they’re the boss, comfortable and content. Whether your baby decides to sleep a lot or be a little fussy, we adapt, knowing these sessions typically take quite a bit of time but are always worth the effort.

For the families about to welcome new babies, see my top reasons to consider a newborn photo shoot and remember to schedule your photographer before your due date and before your baby is born. We understand the importance of getting those precious new baby portraits done within the first few weeks of birth and this will ensure we have availability to book your session! 

Thank you for considering me as your newborn photographer in Los Angeles. It brings me so much joy to capture these moments, and I’m excited to work with you to create a successful newborn photography session that you’ll adore. Please make sure to book your date for your session early, as I love to capture your baby’s portraits when they are just days to a few weeks old. 

Contact me here, by email or on Instagram

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