Newborn Photography


Newborn photography is an exciting and fascinating adventure that every parent should take part in. Not only does newborn photography capture your child in his or her most delicate time of life, but it also magnified and makes beautiful the first moments of their existence.

This gorgeous girl Amelia came to my studio when she was only 10 days old, she was amazing, slept the entire session and let me posed her beautifully. In my point of view, it is very important to choose the right photographer who knows exactly how to pose the baby safely and who knows how to make it more fun for everyone both taking the picture and looking at it in the future.

Some clients may wonder at how much expertise the professional is bringing to the table, and whether it is worth investing in professionally captured moments of their child. These worries are valid, but a veteran maternity and newborn photographer is priceless, as they understand exactly how much lighting, distance, and shade to put between the camera and the subject in focus.

In 20 years or so you’re going to want to look back at the baby photos that were professionally taken, photos which captured the innocence and radiance of the moment, and treasure them forever.

Studied and trained newborn photographers also are excellent at noticing the tiny details that parents and others would not notice, making those subtle details much more visible in the pictures that are being taken of your child.

Newborn photographers are exceptional at capturing, all in one frame, the many different emotional expressions of a child. Many of their photos can even tell an entire story.
In the end, it is the photos and memories of your little ones that brings the family together and is the greatest souvenir you can pass on to progeny. People never realize how much of an impact professionally taken photos of their loved ones really are until it’s too late. So come on down to the Los Angeles and Santa Monica area and have those pictures taken perfectly without flaw or worry.


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