ramina magid cake smash baby photos los angeles 43432Introduction to Photography

Photography is said to be an indispensable treasure in someone’s life. This enables us to capture anything significant in our existence. It may only be a piece of paper to someone but may mean life to many. Photographs are legacies. I remember when I was a child, I don’t see the value of these photos that are carefully and creatively compiled in an album or a scrapbook but as I grow older, their value increases, they have been my window to the past, my yesterdays. 

The generation today is fortunate enough to be blessed by the availability of photographs now a are, it used to be expensive but as years go by the accessibility of capturing images has been widely available. 

As a newborn and family photographer in Los Angeles, I’ve seen several families developing images that played an important part in their lives. We can see histories in photographs, even our family chronology. In my newborn photography studio in Beverly Hills, several families have gathered to capture moments of a blooming wonderful blessing. No one can take away the power of photography.

Importance of Photography in Child’s Life

Photography gives a child a sense of belongingness; It builds connections in the family. Photography is children’s access to their roots and witness to their family’s and own growth. 

You’ll often see a child wondering how they look when they are still babies and being a baby photographer gives me a boost and develops my passion in my field to be able to have a contribution in a child’s life. As a mother on my own, I saw how photography brought magic to my children’s lives. They are always happy to see a glimpse of their childhood.

Let us not snatch the opportunity to window a child’s past through photographs, with its availability today let’s not take it for granted instead make the most out of it. Getting several photos won’t make you less of a person but having none makes you lose a beautiful memory. 

Let your child grow to witness the beauty of their growth through the importance of photography. Don’t ever hesitate to capture their moments and make them remember their wonderful childhood as they grow older.

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