Preparing For Your Newborn Session

SCHEDULING These newborn sessions with Ramina Magid Photography in Los Angeles are best done within the first 2 weeks (5-14 days). While they are this brand new, they are still very sleepy and comfortable sleeping in curled up and tight positions. If you missed your window to get into the Los Angeles studio, reach out. We can still try to get an incredible newborn shoot done for you!

FEEDING Since your little one is still a newborn, the perfect way to help them fall fast asleep is to feed them. During these newborn photoshoots your baby will most likely get hungry more often due to more activity so please bring a bottle of extra milk (even if you breastfeed) so the session can go as smoothly as possible. Also, if your baby takes a pacifier, they are usually extremely helpful so don’t hesitate on adding that to your baby bag for the newborn session.

PROPS At Ramina Magid Photography, the props are usually almost as cute as the newborn baby’s they are next to. There are many options to choose from such as beds, buckets, flowers, balloons, bathtubs, etc. Just check out @raminamagid on Instagram for a plethora of examples and past newborn photoshoots in Los Angeles.

RELAXING Ramina and her assistant at Ramina Magid Photography are very comfortable holding and posing newborn babies so feel free to curl up on the couch, take a nap, enjoy some coffee and snacks, or just sit back and enjoy your beautiful baby being photographed in the studio. Either way, we want you to feel comfortable and content.

I love to share the contacts of my favorite photographs in the US. One of the absolute favorites is Alena from Charleston. Her work is absolutely stunning! Please check her out

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