The beauty of pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing, special and marvelous time for a woman. It is a time to celebrate the growing of a new human being with your loved ones. Although, some women experience nausea in the first few months but the ending results will make a women’s experience all worth it.

Why is pregnancy beautiful? Well, once again you are growing a new person inside of your womb. While you’re creating a new life, there are many changes that are happening to your baby’s development each day. The bigger your child gets, the larger your belly becomes and this proves how strong a woman’s body is to be able to lift such a weight.

The beauty of pregnancy doesn’t stop there. One of the best times for most mothers is when their baby begins to move. Feeling their feet kick below their ribs and feeling them flip around while you sleep is an enjoyment a woman is willing to go through over, and over again. They say there is a special glow a woman gets on her face during her pregnancy. It must be the happiness that is taking place in her heart.

With this unique experience, it is important to hold on to these memories by taking newborn and maternity photography. At Ramina Magid photography, our professional photos will last forever in your home, so you can honor them and reflect on your lovely journey. Furthermore, it will give you a chance to bond with your partner and your child/ren as you look into these photos years after.

Stop by at our cozy Los Angeles photography studio that is minutes away from Santa Monica and West Hollywood, where you’ll feel right at home in our warm feeling environment. With your visit, we will offer a free consultation if interested and you will not regret our service. We cater indoors or outdoors and our fast service will leave you joyful.

Please check for maternity sessions. He work is absolutely gorgeous.  


  1. Beautiful Maternity Photographs! This Mom to be is Gorgeous!
    I would get pregnant again just to have you as my maternity photographer )))!

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