The Concept of Cake Smash Photography

cake smash photography los angeles ramina magidcake smash photography los angeles ramina magidCake Smash photography Los Angeles Ramina MagidThe concept of cake smashes originated in the USA, and so did the trend for sleeping baby-style newborn photography. At Ramina Magid Photography in Los Angeles, California, we strive to tell the best story of your child hitting their first year mark with a fun cake smash session. A cake smash literally involves the baby ‘smashing up’ a beautifully iced, giant birthday cake in celebration of this all-important milestone!

Before the little one starts digging into the cake, a first birthday session usually starts with me photographing the baby dressed in a cute outfit (which we can provide or you can bring!) with a backdrop and specific accessories for the shoot. One of the first shots we usually set up is incorporating large letters that spell out the word ‘ONE’. We will photograph the baby near the letters, sometimes they’ll pick them up and try to eat them – which makes for a great picture!

After that, the cake is revealed. More often than not, the baby is a little reluctant at first. After all, they’re not usually encouraged to make a mess with their food. But anyone who has a baby knows that they are totally capable!

Once we’ve got the cake shots out of the way, the baby is then placed in a warm miniature bath and they can splash in the bubbles. This creates more amazing photo opportunities for me, whilst also being a super great way to clean them up after!

After one week, you’ll receive the pictures of your little one which you will be able to enjoy for years to come!

Cake Smash photography Los Angeles Ramina Magid

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