Why Photography is Important?

We all have different stories and phases in life; we can never deny the urge to keep those moments alive in us forever, as much as possible. We try the best that we can to treasure each memory and to protect them, to be able to pass those stories from generation to generation. What would be the best way to keep them alive and to save them? We can’t help but reminisce about treasured moments whenever we take time to scan the photos that we banked for so long. Photos don’t die; they live forever. We all know that photographs are very important in our lives. 

I’ve witnessed several heart-touching moments in my newborn photography studio in Los Angeles and as a baby photographer, I am overwhelmed with how each family treasures every moment in their lives.

Photographs have always been a part of our lives since years ago and no one could ever deny the impact it gives to a person’s memory. 

In 1816, when Johann Zahn saw the need to preserve memories and historical events, he thought of inventing a device that can solve that problem, then the birth of the camera and photography took place. Cameras gave us a very important heirloom that can be passed and preserved through time and was handed down from generation to generation, those are what we call photographs.

Just like baby photography, we want to cherish our children’s childhood which is the main reason why we are being encouraged with the idea of hiring family photographers yearly. The value of photography can’t surmount by any monetary merit because when that photo was taken can’t be brought back.

Suffice to say, photographs are treasured possessions that no amount of money can’t buy. It is the only solid physical and detailed proof that memory has ever existed. Existence and preservation are possible only in photographs. 

Baby Family Photography Los Angeles Ramina Magid

Baby Family Photography Los Angeles Ramina MagidBaby Family Photography Los Angeles Ramina Magid

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